Pulsar 400SS Images – 400 cc Bajaj Bike

The Bajaj Pulsar is hands down the most popular Indian bike in existence. With Bajaj offering a range of engine options, the Pulsar had made its presence felt in every price segment. The latest street fighter form of the Pulsar known as the 200NS was a smash hit. And now Bajaj has unveiled two more bikes that will soon join the Pulsar family. These are the Pulsar CS 400 and the Pulsar SS 400. Initially thought to be called the 375 SS or simply the Pulsar 375, the Super Sport 400 Pulsar is the first Pulsar to sport full fairing that will provide protection against wind. Spy shots and rendering of the new bike led fans to believe the bike would not be as pretty as it could’ve been.

The launch of the bike took everyone by surprise, the bike was simply stunning. And dressed in its canary yellow paint job, the Pulsar 400 SS was one beast of a machine. We have here images and pictures of the Pulsar 400SS for your viewing pleasure:

New Pulsar ss 400 Light

The Bajaj Pulsar SS400, with the wild eyes

Pulsar SS 400 Eye

The SS400’s projector headlamps

monoshock suspension ss400 bajaj

The monoshock suspension setup featured in the new Bajaj Pulsar SS400

New Pulsar ss 400 LED Turn lights

The Bajaj SS400 features LED turn signals

Bajaj Pulsar ss 400 projectors

The Bajaj Pulsar SS400 with its projectors on

Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Tail

Rear View of the Pulsar SS400

New Bajaj Pulsar Taillight Yellow

The tail lamps of the Bajaj Pulsar SS400 features floating LEDs

New pulsar ss 400 backlit switches

The Bajaj Pulsar SS400 marks a departure from the original white back light used and now comes with a dark shade of blue

New Pulsar ss 400 Engine

The 375cc engine used by the Bajaj Pulsar SS400

Rear wheel Bajaj Pulsar SS400

Rear wheel of the Bajaj Pulsar SS400 featuring the stubby exhaust and disc brakes

Bajaj SS400 Touring Bike

The all new Bajaj Pulsar SS400

2014 Pulsar Side

Side profile of the Bajaj SS400

Bajaj Pulsar 400 Tank Carbon Fibre

The fuel tank of the SS400 is composed of material resembling carbon fibre

2014 Pulsar Side

Side profile of the Bajaj SS400

Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Side

The Pulsar 400SS is a looker from all angles

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