Bajaj Pulsar SS 400: New 400CC Pulsar!


Fans have been longing for an all-out sports bike model of the popular Pulsar. Although Bajaj did release the extremely capable 200NS, the fans were left a little disappointed. But now Bajaj has finally unveiled a full fairing version of the Pulsar. Called the SS 400, Bajaj’s latest Pulsar is a definite showstopper. The company has taken its time with the new Super Sport but have done it right. The 400 SS is a well styled powerful machine. Previous reports and spy shots hinted that the new bike would be called the Pulsar 375 and although the engine specs proved to be right, Bajaj has gone for the SS400 moniker. The new Bajaj 400 family of bikes will prove to be the crown jewel of the company as well as for the Indian bike maker community.

SS400 led fairing 2014 Bajaj Pulsar SS 400: New 400CC Pulsar!

The all new Bajaj Pulsar SS400

The Bajaj Super Sport 400 uses a 375cc liquid cooled engine that is mated to a six speed gearbox. The bike also comes with ABS for added protection.

Pulsar SS 400 side fairing Bajaj Pulsar SS 400: New 400CC Pulsar!

Side Profile

A radical departure from the current gen family of Pulsars, the SS400 looks nothing like a Pulsar. The first Pulsar ever to get full fairing, the SS400 is Bajaj’s first step into this segment. The overall style is well suited for the bike. The sharp lines distinctly flow from the dual projector headlamps and merge with the body of the bike. The projector headlamps add a touch of class to the bike.

In keeping with tradition, the SS400 also comes with split tail lights. But the ones found on the SS400 come with a twist. Retaining most of the original design, Bajaj has gone for a set of floating LEDs for the tail lamps.

Pulsar 400 ss rear Bajaj Pulsar SS 400: New 400CC Pulsar!

The Pulsar SS400 features an all new tail design with floating LED tail lamps.

The handle bars have been slightly modified to add a bit more girth. The instrument cluster is all digital apart from the RPM meter. The bike also comes with a mono suspension system that can be adjusted for perfect ride quality.

Pulsar 400 monoshock Bajaj Pulsar SS 400: New 400CC Pulsar!

The Pulsar 400 SS features an adjustable Monoshock for enhanced rider comfort during touring.

All in all, the Bajaj SS400 is another splendid bike that will be a definite hit when launched. Since this bike is still in the concept stage no prices have been announced.

  1. Sharukh Nadaf
  2. Deepu Rai
  3. Chetan Gouda
  4. Santhosh Kumar Sr.
  5. Sunil Sillyfello
  6. Amit Alive
  7. Sunny
  8. Vivek Kr Vishwakarma
  9. Rushikesh Kale
  10. Prodyut Roy Chowdhury
  11. Aha Rodi
  12. adnan shaikh
  13. zafar shaikh
  14. jittery
  15. md ehsan
  16. amol
  17. Korlum Chukhu
  18. Tejas TJ
  19. Ishaan
  20. S Chirag
  21. Girivasan Rajan
  22. Rohit Vishwakarma
  23. HaRry BaJwa
  24. Amal Chandran
  25. ajithsankar
  26. Minor Minor
  27. S Chirag
  28. S Chirag
  29. Kamlesh Kumar
  30. ganesh arya
  31. Nizar Abdul
  32. ravi mishra
  33. prakhar
  34. Ashutosh Madeshia
  35. raman
  36. Shailesh jangra
  37. Saju Pallickal
  38. Saurabh Panday
  39. Rajeesh R Nair
  40. Mayank Sharma
  41. Md Shakir
  42. S.K Shubham Kumar

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