Honda CX-01, Fireblade, PCX 125cc, Activa Scooter: Images Gallery

Honda has always been a major player in the international bike scene. An array of bikes for every segment in the bike industry Honda has a far reaching hold in almost every country. Here in India, they are most popular for their automatic scooters namely the Activa and the Dio. Their other bikes such as the CBR250R or the commuter bike Shine has done remarkably well. With the dawn of a new year, Honda seeks to increase their market share with a barrage of new launches. We have here pictures and images of the latest releases live from the Delhi Auto Expo.

2014 Honda Activa 125cc Scooter:

The Activa has been a raging success. First introduced in 2000, the Activa has been going strong for more than a decade. After fourteen years of minor tweaks to the design and engine, Honda has finally unveiled a higher powered variant of the Honda Activa. Dubbed the Activa 125, the new Activa comes with a 125cc engine bumping the hp output to 8.6 hp. Here are a few images of the revamped Activa.


side activa 125

The rear proudly displays the Activa logo along with the 125cc badging to differentiate it from its lower powered sibling

The rear has received minor modifications that include sharper edges and extended tail lights

back Activa 125

The rear of the 125 cc Activa is slightly raised to incorporate the larger engine

The panel that houses the instrument cluster has brightened up a bit with the addition of contrasting panels

New Honda Activa Grey and black

The Activa 125 features a metal plate that spreads aross to the indicators that are mounted on the bodywork

The older Activa did not focus on design much and as a result only appealed to an older generation. The new Activa features a far more youthful styling. The new Activa also comes with redesigned alloy wheels.

Activa front

The new 125cc Honda Activa showcased at the Auto Expo.


Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade:

A name that evokes fear into the hears and minds of its competitors at the Isle of Mans, Honda’s most powerful bike on offer needs no introduction

Honda Fireblade 2014 delhi auto expo white and red colour

The Honda Fireblade was showcased at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo


The Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade

Honda CX-01 Motorcycle Concept:

A concept model, the new Honda CX-01 is a beautifully designed street fighter

Honda CX-01 Concept Side Profile

The CX-01



The headlight design is absolutely gorgeous and brings to mind a machine built for speed



The instrument cluster is all digital



The CX-01 is a stunner from all angles. A definite hit if it ever makes it to production



Honda PCX 125 Scooter:

honda pcx 125 scooter image

The PCX 125 scooter

honda pcx 125 scooter image

The PCX 125 scooter will also make a cameo at the 2014 Auto Expo



Honda CBR250R:


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