2017 KTM Duke 390 & Duke 250 abused by showroom personnel

A video has emerged on social media of a 2017 KTM Duke 390 and Duke 250 being misused and ill treated by service personnel and their friends.

Service personnel are among a petrol head’s closest friends. You might not talk to them much, but there is a bond that is shared with a good service personnel. You are trusting them with one of your precious possessions knowing they will take care of vehicle with almost the same care as you do. In short you expect them to be responsible when handling your automobile.

The totaled Murcielago that went in for an oil change!

But like always, there are some who spoil the name of service personnels by being reckless and showing off with owner’s vehicles. There was a famous incident of a Lamborghini Murcielago SV being totaled when the service personnel took it out for a joy ride. The car was in for a simple oil change, guess how the owner would have felt when being delivered the news. In India, a service advisor took a brand new low mileage Ford EcoSport out and crashed it giving the owner lots of heart ache and trouble.

The latest in service personnel negligence is from a KTM showroom in Kerala, the capital city Trivandrum to be precise. A video posted by one person show a couple of men dancing inside the showroom and a 2017 KTM Duke 390 and Duke 250 being red lined. They appear to be thrilled by the racket and clapping after it all ends. Now if any of those kids are reading, this is the correct way to make an exhaust note recording, if that’s what they intended.

No engine sounds good when its beating against it’s red line and it’s more akin to torture than aural pleasure. The engine is under a lot of strain causing damage to it in the long run. Plus these are new bikes which even though come with rev limiters, should be handled with care and the engine broken in before being revved hard.

Well contrary to most service centres who try to hide such acts, KTM Trivandrum has come out with a statement saying the mishandling of their bikes will be investigated and strict action taken against the accused.

When thousands have booked the new KTM bikes across the country, this video sends a bad message to future owners who will be wondering whether their bikes underwent such treatment. A word of appreciation to KTM Trivandrum who came out with the quick statement should do some damage control.

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