Abandoned Supercars and Exotics in India! Porsches, Aston Martins!!

Seeing abandoned cars on the road is a sick feeling to car guys, but seeing abandoned expensive luxury cars or supercars is gut-wrenching to say the least!

Nissan Skyline GT-R supercars exotics abandoned in india

The iconic Nissan Skyline GT-R that an owner apparently got tired of!

How do we explain this feeling! Well when you see a stray dog on the road in the rain, covered in mud, all hungry and wet and miserable, don’t you feel sad and go ‘oh wish I could do something’ and walk away. That’s the feeling car people get when they see abandoned cars on the road. Now the same situation in replay, but instead of a dog its a puppy! Even if you are the most hard-hearted man in the world, you would stop for at least a second and go awww. That’s what car guys feel when they see an exotic rotting away.

rolls royce phantom supercars exotics abandoned in india

A Rolls Royce Phantom seized by the Police after the owner was arrested.

Well there are places that take in dogs and puppies, but none for cars. There should be something like a RSPCC (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Cars) or a PETC (People for Ethical Treatment for Cars). Bringing cars back to life takes a lot of heart over head decisions and money, a big pile of it. So its no wonder these cars are abandoned.

porsche carrera supercars exotics abandoned in india

A delicious 964 Porsche Carrera in possession of Goa customs.

Well most of the cars featured in this article have been abandoned as there owners got in a tangle with the law. Some sadly were owned by people with crooked business tactics resulting in them going bankrupt. Some were too expensive to maintain or developed issues that couldn’t be solved. Others were brought into the country illegally, avoiding taxes, resulting in them being impounded.

porsche carrera 4s supercars exotics abandoned in india

A 996 series water cooled 911 Carrera.

These cars eventually get auctioned, but by then its too late to save them as they will have had too much damage on the inside as well outside. So here these cars lie until they are eventually scrapped, which is akin to a puppy being put down, for us car people!

A Lamborghini Countach, thank God its a replica!

I don’t know if this is a dumb idea but people can still get these cars, clean them up on the inside or outside and use them as exhibits or something. Old fighter planes are decommissioned and used as such, why can’t we do something similar with these cars, like that Countach (well its a replica, but still) or that first gen E24 BMW 6 Series, my 2 cents.

How could anyone impound something like cool like this! A Mercedes Benz L319 Bus.


porsche carrera 4s supercar exotics abandoned in india

Rear view of the 911 Carrera (996).

Well there is also a modern iteration, the Nissan GT-R, in possession of Customs.

mercedes benz sl55 amg supercars exotics abandoned in india

An SL 55 AMG, rotting away, sigh.

Another Japanese marvel, the rotary engined Mazda RX-8.

An Aston Martin DB9, at least its under covers.

One of our favourite cars, a first gen BMW 6 Series

aston martin vantage supercars exotics abandoned in india

An Aston Martin Vantage, that used to share the garage with the Rolls Royce Phantom.

porsche boxster supercars exotics abandoned in india

A First generation 986 Boxster in Kerala that has engine issues.

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