Auto Expo 2014 India: What to Expect from Mahindra 2 Wheelers?

We are just few days away,  25 days to be precise, from 12th Edition of Indian Auto Expo. Every manufacturer looks at this event as platform to showcase their capabilities and gain the much required attention. For company like Mahindra 2 wheelers, the venue will turn out to be the battleground against many well established giants. Company has only been able to taste the success once, with its feature loaded offering Centuro into entry level commuter bike segment. But entry level commuter bike segment is not the only aspect of the Indian two wheeler market and company too understands that. Hence they will attack the left right and center of Indian two wheeler market by showcasing products in variety of segments. Let’s see what company has to offer at this mega event in Noida.

Mahindra Mojo 300

Mahindra Mojo 300 showcased in Auto Expo 2012

Since inception, Mahindra 2 Wheelers has been playing around with average products in their portfolio, most of them were carried over from Kinetic. There has not been a single launch which could set up the brand’s identity and build some fame around it. Mahindra 2 Wheelers has kept on showcasing, one such, Mojo 300 during majority of their events. But they failed to bring it into real world till now. Many didn’t liked the styling of the bike and, as reports say, that bike had lots of technical problems in it. But now it seems that, the year 2014 will see this bike making onto our roads. This bike has been spotted recently, with visible changes in styling and mechanical elements. First major change that has been noticed in this bike is bulged-up fuel tank, unlike the original bike which carried much flatter and weird looking tank. Engine which will propel this bike is being developed completely in their Research and Development facility located at Pune. The engine will be displacing around 300 cc and we guess that power output could be around 27-30 hp. The radiator unit catches your attention thanks to big cowl design. The filler cap provided on right side of this unit makes us guess that this cooling unit could be having coolant liquid, instead of oil, inside it. The bee eyed twin headlamps, upside down front forks and company’s trademark golden rib like exposed chassis are some of the things which are retained on the bike.

Mahindra Mojo Reengineered 2

Another big project, company is working on, is of mass market scooters which could challenge the dominance of Honda Activa. We speculate that we will get to see not one but two new scooters from the company. Till now company was dependent upon 125cc scooters, which were quite old and has lost their appeal. Company focused on Rodeo RZ and Duro DZ and threw in lots of features in former and making later a better value proposition. But now company is going, one step below, into 100-110 cc everyday scooter segment which caters to needs of many and hence gathers maximum volume. As per the recent sightings, one scooter looks to carry Duro’s styling elements in slim body. It is speculated that company could incorporate Micro-Hybrid technology, which we have seen in utility vehicles of their parent company, into this scooter. If at all it improves the fuel efficiency figure by 5-7 kmpl also, then it could turn out to be key selling point of this scooter. Another scooter could be feature loaded funky machine having same mechanicals. The scooter could borrow styling elements from Rodeo.
Mahindra 110cc Scooter 2
There is also probability that company could launch stripped down version of Centuro at mouthwatering price tag. Offering many gadgets and gizmos at lower price on present Centuro has played the trick and this bike has brought good fortune to the company. But sadly the Panthero could not taste the same faith and has miserably failed to lure buyers. Hence company could try to take advantage of Centuro’s popularity and bring a stripped down variant. After all in this initial stage, company wants is to just get the wheels rolling and increase the reach of the brand in the market.

2013 Mahindra Pantero 110 and Centuro 110 Commuter Motorcycles

Along with this we may get to see some bikes from Mahindra’s Racing division and some future concept electric machines. Mahindra would take this chance to show their capability in all electric two wheelers as well. The Auto Expo 2014 is India’s biggest platform to reach maximum people in effective way. Company will be holding the crowd by emphasizing on technology involved in Mojo, capabilities of micro-hybrid technology, their prowess in electric vehicles manufacturing and their racing achievements.

Spy Pictures Credits : BikeAdvice

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