We Clear All Doubts Regarding ‘Bajaj Small Car’

Rumours of a Bajaj Small Car are doing rounds of the web world these days. While the so called Bajaj small car is nothing but the Qute quadricycle, people believe it will launch this year for a price of only 60000 Rupees

Many of you might remember the Bajaj RE60, the 4-wheeled vehicle that Bajaj brought unveiled prior to the Auto Expo 2012. The Bajaj RE60 was later renamed to the Bajaj Qute and our Government even gave the green signal to this new form of vehicles, which are called as Quadricycles. While the Qute is meant to replace autorickshaws, many believe it could even become a good car for city transport. It’s not for sure if Bajaj will ever plan to do it, to sell the Qute as a small car for family use, but many rumours abound regarding the launch of the Bajaj small car. We have tried to give you a clear picture of what’s exactly happening with the Qute. 

bajaj small car for rs 60000

The Bajaj Qute is India’s first quadricycle

Bajaj Small Car Launch Rumours

There are many rumours regarding the Bajaj small car launch date. Firstly, the Bajaj small car isn’t actually a car but a quadricycle meant for public transport. Secondly, we don’t see its launch happening anytime soon. That said, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, in an address to his company’s stake holders, has said he will see to it that the launch happens this year. Well, we’ll want to take this with a pinch of salt. Actually, many PILs have been filed against the Qute in courts across the country. These PILs have been filed by auto unions, auto drivers and even lawyers. So, we’ll have to see if Mr. Bajaj can get rid of all the legal troubles this year itself and launch the Qute by the end of 2017. 

Bajaj Small Car Price – Is it really Rs 60000?

No, we really don’t know from where this rumour of Rs 60000 price tag came from. It’s pretty much for sure that the Qute will launch at a price point of around Rs 1.40 lakh. The top model could even cost Rs 1.60 lakh. There’s no question of a pricing of as low as Rs 60000. Also, pricing matters apart, allow us to repeat that the Qute aka Bajaj Small Car isn’t actually a car but a replacement for the autorickshaws. It’s not meant for sale to private buyers. 

Base Model Rs 1.40 Lakh
Top Model Rs 1.60 Lakh

bajaj small car for rs 60000

Bajaj Small Car – Specifications

Engine 200cc DTS-i single-cylinder
Fuel Type Petrol, CNG
Max. Power 20 BHP
Top Speed 70 KMPH
Mileage 35 KMPL

From what we know, the Qute is powered by a 200cc DTSi engine that can run on both petrol and CNG. It produces a max. power of 20 BHP. The Qute can achieve a top speed of 70 KMPH. Claimed mileage is 35 KMPL. 

Through this report here we want to make it known that there’s no such thing as the Bajaj Small Car for Rs 60000 price. All we’ll probably get, if at all Bajaj is able to dodge all the legal issues, is the Qute quardricycle. You can watch this space for more on this upcoming Bajaj vehicle. 

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