CES 2017 : Honda Riding Assist Motorcycle Technology Showcased

Japanese automotive and technology major, Honda has unveiled a brand new ‘Riding Assist’ technology at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2017, in Las Vegas.

The company has come up with an innovative solution, which aids in balancing a motorcycle while it is at extremely slow speeds, without the rider placing his or her feet on the ground.


Christened Honda Riding Assist, the technology stays away from the use of any gyroscopes and instead, has used the company’s robotic technology to make the motorcycle self balance itself. This is achieved by making the front forks of the bike to extend out a bit further while the rear wheels moving a bit backwards, thus leading to an increase in the wheelbase of the motorcycle, while it is in a state of almost being stationary.

The robotic technology used by the company also disconnects the handlebar from the front wheels once the forks have raked out, in order to make a continuous to and fro movement with the handlebar and keep maintaining the balance, just like a trained rider would do to balance the bike in such a situation.

Honda Riding Assist CES 2017

Honda did not use gyroscopic sensors and other instruments, only for the simple reason that all that gadgetry brings along a lot of its weight, leading to increased cumbersomeness in the otherwise plain yet simple built of a motorcycle.

The Riding Assist technology also displayed a show of the motorcycle following its rider, who was walking ahead of it. The bike used all the methodology described above and also used a bit of self-riding technology. Thus, there is a lot of space in the biking world to showcase a lot of modern and futuristic technologies, which could actually transform the machine and equip it with a great lot of safety technologies on board.

(Images – carandbike)

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