eRideLite Electric Bicycles Launched in India

Bengaluru based crowdfunding platform and electric vehicle startup, eRideLite has introduced two electric bicycles in the country.

The two bicycles, eRideLite 50 and eRideLite 90 have been launched at price tags of Rs. 23,900 and Rs. 35,900 respectively.

eRideLite Electric Bicycle

The eRideLite 50 has a range of 50 kilometers when ridden in full electric mode, whereas, the eRideLite 90 offers more range of 90 kilometers with a bigger battery pack.

The bicycles sport a battery pack, which is mounted to the stem of the seat and it powers an electric motor, which drives the rear wheels of the bicycles. There is the option of riding in the electric mode, wherein the bicycles can attain a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour and take approximate 10 seconds of time to reach a speed of 20 kmph.

The eRideLite twins come equipped with disc brakes at both front and back. There is also the presence of telescopic shock absobers at the front as well as a headlight is also there for riding safely at nights.

There is also the option of riding in pedal mode, which also offers 6 gears to select while riding the bicycle. eRideLite is selling the bicycles through its online crowdfunding platform itself, so as to make the product reach a wide target audience and also to minimize and reduce inventory costs.

The company is a startup in the electric vehicle space and is currently focusing on small bicycles and two-wheelers, which are economically viable to be purchased as well. It expects the sales of such vehicles to steadily gain pace in the coming times. The company is building its reserves of funds through crowdfunding for this business model, which aims to work towards sustainable development, in the ongoing scenario of menacing air pollution, congestion, as well as environment degradation, which are all challenges that need to be dealt with technology and innovation.


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