Fiat Punto Adventure: 3rd Crossover to Try its Fortune in India!

Volkswagen Polo Cross is about to get a company from Italy soon, in the form of Fiat Punto Adventure. Recently it has been spotted in company’s motherland undergoing some primary tests. Company has tradition of putting the ‘Adventure’ badge on the variant of their car which has increased ground clearance and rugged looks with body cladding etc. We have seen Palio Weekend Adventure long ago, which was also known as Fiat Adventure. On the similar grounds, company has also worked out crossover edition of Punto hatch. So far crossovers, in India, are seen as pricy affair which doesn’t add the value worth the additional money they ask for. The price of such cars lie in the price range of a mini SUV like Ford Ecosport. But these crossovers do not have visual appeal that can beat the presence of such SUVs.

Fiat Punto Adventure

The prototype vehicle seems to be primarily testing the complex arrangement of spare wheel mounting and tail gate. Rest of the car looks to be not equipped with side and front cladding, which supposedly should be there to complete the look of a crossover. As per the images, the spare wheel will be mounted on a metal arm which can swing out to make space for opening the tail gate. It is indeed the most complex placement of spare wheel we have seen till date on any production car. This arrangement may or may not add visual appeal to the car but it surely will add weight and cost to that of original car. Ground clearance of the test car seems to be raised. In India, Punto already comes with ride height of 185 mm, increasing it beyond this would adversely affect the car’s dynamics. Ride and handling characteristics of Punto and Linea are convincing enough to make us believe that Fiat will sort out these things in this Adventure edition as well. Interiors too are supposed to get tweaked to suite the Adventure mood of car. Engines which can be seen under the hood are 90 hp MJD unit and T-Jet petrol unit, with which we all are already familiar.

Punto Adventure Spare Wheel Mounting

Punto Adventure Spare Wheel Mounting Looks Complex

Fiat is busy in repositioning the brand in India and as a part of that strategy, they have promised several cars for this year. If reports are to be believed, Punto Adventure will be one such car to be launched in India soon. It will be interesting to see if company can build the image of crossovers and create space for such car in India. The variant of Punto for which everyone is waiting is performance oriented Abarth Punto. Till that car makes it to India, Adventure edition will be gathering the required attention for the brand. Already two German giants failed to make crossovers go down the throat of Indians, let us see if Fiat can achieve that feat. Recently Toyota Etios Liva Cross has also been spotted in India. What makes these companies to bring the Crossover variants of their hatchbacks in India, is still a mystery.

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