Google’s Driverless Robot Car: Unmanned cars being tested by Google

Google Automated Car: Dmitri Dolgov with the Driverless Car Model

Google Unmanned Car with Dmitri Dolgov(Courtesy: NY Times)

Ladies and gentlemen, Google has officially announced a new revolution that is going to completely transform the cars as we see them today. Google has been testing unmanned vehicles in the streets of California over months which have already logged 1,40,000 miles. The cars run fully automated and run on the road using sensors and actuators. Yes people, a new revolution has already begun and we at ICB will closely follow every bit of it.

Ford, General motors, Toyota are the biggies in this field but are we witnessing the start of a big change in this scenario? Today the information on the internet is controlled by Google, we Google every other thing we need, be it a very small consumer commodity like soap or a high-fi science technology Google is there to tell us about it. The next big google leap would be into cars and that too not something common, a hi-fi science fiction type car which will drive itself on its own while you will be sitting having breakfast, or reading newspaper or on a regular business.


Google Self Driving Car: Unmanned Toyota Prius Car

Google Self Driving Car

How did Google do it? Well answer to this question is, Google`s assets are worth 40 billion US dollars(as of 2009), they do not have lack of money for sure. They hired a bunch of Engineers who have been participating in US Govt`s Automated car competition and kicked off the project. They fitted a bunch of gadgetry to make this work. A rotating sensor on the roof to sense the environment around the car, a video-camera behind the windshield for pedestrians and traffic lights, radar on the front and back bumper, GPS and motion sensor and a Google software behind all this to control.  The cars on which these gadget were retrofitted were six Toyota Priuses and one Audi TT. So what do we have now? A driverless self driving car!

Worried about safety. Google says “Safety has been our first priority in this project”, well what can we say to this. Guess we`ll have to wait for the technology to hit the roads. And Google could be standing in league with Toyota, Ford and General Motors!!

Source: Official Google blog

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