Hero Zir, Dare, Dash, Splendor Pro Classic, Passion Pro TR, HX250 Images

Hero has taken on the offensive. Determenined to prove the naysayers wrong, Hero has unveiled a host of vehicles that show what the company can do even without Honda backing them up. Hero Motorcorp had recently unveiled five new vehicles that also included the revolutionary diesel concept scooter. Prior to their Delhi Auto Expo debut, details and sketches of Hero’s 600cc superbike were also leaked. It seems Hero has done pretty well without the help of the Japanese automaker.

For the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo, Hero unveiled a shocking number of vehicles and concepts to showcase how far the brand has come. The ICB team was over in Delhi for the event to get our readers all the latest images, photos and details.

Automatic scooters that were unveiled include the Hero Dash, Zir and Dare. The once glorified Hero Honda Splendour made an appearance in an all new avatar. An unexpected take on a cafe racer, dubbed the Splendour Cafe Racer took many by surprise.

Here is a picture gallery of all the releases from Hero Motorcorp.

Hero Hastur 620 Superbike:

The first indigenous superbike, the unveiling of the Hastur was a proud moment for the Indian auotomotive industry. Working with Erik Buell Racing, the company released this 620cc street fighter earlier today. Although still in its concept stage, the Hastur caused quite a bit of buzz during its unveiling. Images below:

Hastur 620cc Bike

The exposed trellis frame adds to the streetbike theme.

Hastur 620 Motorcycle

The bike looks very sporty in the yellow & grey colour scheme.


Tail lamp of the Hero Hasur has an uncluttered design.

Hastur Alloy Image

The independent rear suspension of the Hero Hastur.

Hero Hastur Delhi Auto Expo

The Hero Hastur at its unveiling

Hero Hastur Concept 620

State of the art Hero Hastur concept showcased at 2014 Auto Expo.

620cc Street Fighter

The 620 cc powerplant of the Hero Hastur concept.developed with Eric Buell racing.

Hastur Superbike 600cc Concept

Hastur Superbike Concept

Hero Zir 157:

The Zir is a new 157cc scooter making the first of its kind in India. Available in two variants, the Hero Zir has a very sporty body reminiscent of the retired Honda Blaze. The Zir is all set to make its debut sometime between 2015 and 2016. Photos below:

Hero Zir Scooter

The Zir Red Color – Side Profile

Zir 157cc

The Hero Zir

Zir 157cc Automatic Scooter

Front view of the Hero Zir

Hero Zir

Rear End of the Hero Zir AT

Hero Motocorp Zir Black

The hero Zir featured here in a Black paint job

Zir Black India

Scooter Instrument Cluster

Instrument Cluster of Scooter

Hero Dare 125:

The Dare is a new form of the Scooty. Powered by a 125cc engine, the Hero Dare sports a beefier body with alloy wheels. With an enhanced suspension system, eye catching styling and powerful engine, this bike will surely sell a good number of units. Pictures below:

Hero Dare 125cc Red

The 2014 Hero Dare

Hero Dare 125cc

The Console of the Hero Dare

Dare Scooter

The Tail light of the Hero Dare

Dare 125

The Hero Dare came in a red and black paint job

Hero Dash:

The Hero Dash already made its debut a while back. Making another appearance at the 2014 Auto Expo, the Dash added a bit of normality to Hero’s eccentric line up of bikes. Photos below:

Hero Dash Grey 2015

Headlight found on the Hero Dash

New Dash Scooter

Front view of the Hero Dash

Hero Dash

Instrument Panel of the Hero Dash

Dash Combi Brakes

The Dash features a Combi Brake system

Hero Splendor Pro Classic Cafe Racer:

In an utterly unexpected twist, Hero launched the Splendor Cafe Racer. The cafe racer is still the Splendor underneath but it has received major styling tweaks to fit the cafe racer profile.

Hero Splendor Pro Classic

Hero Splendor Pro Classic

Hero Cafe Racer Bike

Hero Cafe Racer Bike

Splendor Pro Classic Red

Overview of the Hero Splendor Pro Classic Red

Splendor Cafe Racer

Splendor Cafe Racer Tail Lamps

Cafe Racer Splendor Headlight

Headlight of the Cafe Racer by Hero

Splendor Pro

Splendor Pro Instrument Cluster

Splendor Pro Fuel Tank, Handle Bars

The Hero Splendour featuring the instrument cluster and handle bars


Hero HX 250:

This 250cc bike is a derivative of the HX250R which was showcased earlier along with Hero’s ground breaking dielsel scooter concept. The HX250 is a beautifully designed concept.

Hero HX 250

Hero HX 250


Hero HX 250 Concept

Hero HX250R Red Black

The HX250R presents a whole new school of thinking, at least from the Hero stable


Hero Passion TR:

A best selling commuter bike, the Passion Pro made an appearance at the 2014 Delhi auto expo with a few modifications to aid its off roading capabilities.

Hero Passion Pro TR

Knuckle guards on the Hero Passion Pro TR for offroading.

Passion Pro TR

The Passion Pro TR has tyres that can be used both on the road as well as on road.

Passion Pro TR Blue Color Fuel Tank

The fuel tank of the new Passion featuring the nomenclature

Passion Pro TR 100cc

Hero Passion TR gets a floating front fender and front disc brakes.

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