Honda reportedly developing a Royal Enfield rival

Honda is joining the middleweight cruiser bike race and plans to take on the Royal Enfield lineup with a bike of their own.

It seems everyone is after Royal Enfield’s pie and wants a share of it. Well when you have sales numbers that keep on increasing by healthy margins every year you are bound to attract attention, especially in a hotly competed Indian two wheeler segment. Bajaj has already struck with its Dominar 400 which aims to take about 20% of the Royal Enfield’s market share.

With a 32% increase in sales numbers in 2016 and never ending demand for Royal Enfield bikes, makes this segment enticing for others to enter. All this makes the situation sweeter for us customers as we get a wider selection of bikes to choose from. It will also increase quality and keep the manufacturers on their toes.

Honda in India might have only a few selection of bikes (mainly commuters and a few performance machines) in their portfolio for India, but there is a lot more of Honda that we haven’t yet seen. They have considerable experience in making cruise bikes with engines as there is a demand for such machines in other Asian countries like Thailand, Japan etc. So Honda has the technological know how to build a capable cruiser bike suitable for Indian conditions.

Royal Enfield is one of the successful two-wheeler brands in India and when you are successful, the entering of fresh competition to challenge your dominance is a given. First it was Bajaj with the Dominar 400 and now Honda has its eyes set on Royal Enfield, with UM with it’s Renegade following soon. So there is a lot of capable competition coming R.E’s way.

Should Royal Enfield be worried? Well they haven’t rested on their laurels and have planned well for the future with plans to modernise their existing lineup. We have been hearing of replacement engines for the 350cc and 500 cc and more bigger 600cc to 800cc engines in the pipeline. So Royal Enfield are putting up a fight and it will be interesting to wait and see what happens.


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