Honda’s Forza 125 Scooter Defies Segment Norms

Scooters seem to have been made the new commodity over which manufacturers are going to wage feature wars, each new radical release pushing the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from this erstwhile utilitarian method of commuting. The newest entrant threatening to defy norms is the Honda Forza 125, which was unveiled at the ongoing 2014 Paris Motor Show. The Forza is a scooter which meshes many worlds together. It’s been designed so as to be able to offer the comfort of a larger capacity two-wheeler. Honda promises a ride experience that is equally enjoyable on highways and city roads.

2015 honda forza 125

At the heart of the Forza is a 4-valve, 125cc liquid-cooled mill

The Honda Forza 125 has a beefy front end. The tall fly screen and adjoining parts lend the scooter a distinctive appearance. Most notable are the strong lines that have been incorporated into the body of the scooter, which can be seen in the mid section and the way the seats are oriented as well. A 48-liter capacity means that the Forza is not only a looker but also quite a practical choice for commuters. An LCD display also finds its place on board. This makes it possible for riders to keep a tab on stats such as fuel economy and temperature of the coolant.

front 2015 forza scooter

. The tall fly screen and adjoining parts lend the scooter a distinctive appearance

At the heart of the Forza is a 4-valve, 125cc liquid-cooled mill. It has a peak power output of 14.08 BHP of power and upper torque figure of 12 Nm. The arrangement is mated to a CVT gearbox. Honda claims an 88kmph rolling acceleration on the scooter. The suspensions setup consists of 33 mm telescopic forks and twin shock absorbers in the front and rear respectively. The scooter is shod with alloy wheels and uses disc brakes in the front and rear. 

honda forza 2014 paris motor show

The suspensions setup consists of 33 mm telescopic forks and twin shock absorbers

Honda is expected to launch the Forza in Europe by the middle of next year. A wide variety of accessories will be offered as options. It will be made available in three colours-  Pearl Nightstar Black with Castagna Brown, Matt Pearl Cool White with Matt Pacific Blue, and Moondust Silver with Matt Cynos Grey. 

Honda new scooter launch forza

Honda is expected to launch the Forza in Europe by the middle of next year

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