Inferno Exotic Car, The First Mexican Hypercar

When you hear about Mexico, the things that come to your mind is tequila and tacos. Cars are not the first thing that you think about when you think of Mexico and certainly not hypercars.

Well Mexico has a hypercar in the making and is called the Inferno Exotic Car, a pretty out of place name in the world of hypercars like the La Ferrari, 918 Spyder, P1, Huayra, Veyron, Agera One:1, you get the drift right. Well it’s a hypercar so a pretty outlandish name is a given, so the Inferno Exotic Car has that bit covered.

Now onto the figures and spec sheet, the Inferno Exotic Car has got that bit more than covered with 1,400 bhp from a twin turbo V8. This guarantees a respectable top speed of 245 miles per hour and a 0-100 km/hr sprint time of under three seconds.

A hypercar is all about the looks and theatre, ending up as pinups and posters on the walls of many to be dreamed upon. The Inferno Exotic Car is designed by Antonio Ferraioli, who has an impressive resume in designing cars like the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, Aventador SV and Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale.

Coming to the looks of the Inferno Exotic Car, the inspiration is a Hot Wheels car and five exhaust pipes for good measure arranged in a Lexus LFA style. Red accents are healthily applied with an air scoop on the roof, and red detailing on the side vents too. There is also a massively carved rear wing for to push down the rear at speeds. Alloys resemble the ones on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento with a bit of red thrown in too.

What the Inferno Exotic Car has different from other hypercars is its body which is made from “metal foam,” which is an alloy of Aluminium, Silver and Zinc. The new compound is patented by the team behind Mexico’s hypercar. Details on the material is not yet out on how light and strong it is but it’s half the weight of steel.

Another feature of the Metal form compound is the crash protection it offered and is extremely resistant to impact. It can also be stretched up to 100 times and still doesn’t lose its properties and can also be repaired up to ten times without any damage.

This is not Mexico’s first attempt at a car, and its previous effort was the Mastretta sportscar. And now they have taken a big leap into the hypercar league with the Inferno Exotic Car. The car is all designed in house in Mexico but production is all in Italy, to keep the quality levels in check.

The Inferno Exotic Car might be the next Pagani or Koenigsegg or Lykan, and make it big in the league of hypercars.





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