Jaguar XKSS is classic car built for a million pounds

The Jaguar XKSS is being brought back to life after almost 60 years.

Jaguar XKSS

For a million pounds each, 9 Jaguar XKSS will be built from scratch to complete the original production run of 25 units. In 1957,  a fire at the Browns Lane assembly plant destroyed nine units so only 16 were handed over to customers. Jaguar has researched the chassis numbers on the nine units and will make those cars once again exactly like they were built in 1957.

Jaguar had the basic drawings of the car but no idea of building technology. The company asked owners of the XKSS if they had the ones from 1957 and four of them sent their cars to help Jaguar Classic  Division to understand the technology from that era. The engineers scanned the cars and CAD designs were made to make it just like the originals.

Jaguar XKSS

Then came the process of building and finding materials used down to the exact pattern and sized of over 2000 rivets used to hold the car together. The company has cast new iron engine blocks and cylinder heads and fabricated the Weber DC03 carburetors from scratch. Same with the transmission housing. The frames are bronze welded in the same way as the period XKSS chassis tubing. The Dunlop disc brakes with the Plessey pump and Dunlop tires will be matching the 16 built back in the day.

Jaguar XKSS interior

From the wood of the steering wheel to the grain of the leather seats, through to the brass knobs on the XKSS dashboard, everything is made to match the history.

In 2014, Jaguar had announced plans to produce the remaining six cars of the Lightweight E-Type from 1963, of which only 12 out of the planned 18 units of the race-bred GT were completed. The company says expertise gained on those cars was helpful in building the Jaguar XKSS.

Jaguar XKSS

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