Jeep Compass Owner Beaten Up By Dealership Staff in New Delhi – Video

In a shocking news, it has come to light that a Jeep Compass owner has been beaten up by dealership staff in New Delhi. You can watch the full video below to see for yourself that many staff members of a Jeep dealership are beating up a customer. It is being said that the guy that is being beaten up is an aggrieved Compass customer who has been facing many issues with his car. Even after leaving his Compass with the dealership for many days his issues have not been resolved. Finally, he got so irritated that he ended up abusing one of the staff members. Soon, an entire group of staff members came together and not only manhandled the Jeep Compass owner but also gave him a beating. Such behavior is highly unprofessional and totally not expected from an international car company. See the video for yourself and tell us what you feel about it. 

So, what do you think of this incident of a Jeep Compass owner being beaten up by dealership staff in New Delhi? Tell us by commenting below. 

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