Made in India! Tork T6X Electric Motorcycle Coming Soon

Pune based electric mobility start-up, Tork Motorcycles is all set to introduce its electric motorcycle, the Tork T6X in the country.

This will be country’s first electric motorcycle and would be launched in the next couple of months. The motorcycle has been designed and developed completely within the country, with only its battery pack being imported from outside.

Tork T6X Electric Motorcycle

Tork has set-up its manufacturing facility in Chakan, near Pune and this is its completely owned unit, with no tie-ups with any big auto majors at all. The plant has a capacity of producing 50,000 motorcycles every year and it aims to sell around 10,000 units in the maiden year of the introduction of the bike.

The Tork T6X will be able to have a healthy range of 100 kilometers on a single full charge of its battery pack and the bike will have a top speed capability of 85 kilometers to an hour.

The motorcycle will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, which will be coupled to an electric motor, powering the rear wheel. The bike will offer extremely smooth operation, owing to the lack of any fuel driven engine and the absence of an exhaust, to cause any noise.

The Tork T6X is expected to change the scenario of the Indian two-wheeler space, which will eventually have to move towards such technologies, owing to the depleting fossil fuel reserves and the rising levels of pollution in the country.

The Tork T6X seems to improve the most important factor when it comes to electric two-wheelers, their range and the top speed. The T6X supposedly betters both the areas, which would now make buyers to seriously consider electric motorcycles, as the overall cost of ownership comes out to be substantially cheaper than their regular fuel powered counterparts.

Tork was founded by Kapil Shelke, a mechanical engineering graduate from Pune University. The company, which is co-owned by his father was started in the year 2009 and also sees funding from Ankit Bhati and Bhavesh Agarwal, who are the co-founders of another major technology start-up, Ola Cabs.

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