The Mahindra Thar Adventure Off Roader might see an Indian launch soon

Mahindra Thar Adventure Picture 1024x682 The Mahindra Thar Adventure Off Roader might see an Indian launch soon

Mahindra Thar Adventure Front

Indian off road enthusiasts for long have been left with minimum choice really. Apart from the very affordable and capable Maruti Gypsy, there is a serious dearth of choices in the sub 10 Lakh rupee SUV segment. So, Indian off roading enthusiasts, in their quest for off road vehicles have had to look at rebuilding de-commissioned Mahindra army jeeps or buy new Maruti Gypsys with nothing really in between.

Mahindra answered many a fervent prayer and unveiled the Mahindra Thar at the 2010 Indian Auto Expo. Powering the Mahindra Thar is a powerful diesel CRDe engine displacing 2498cc. This powerful engine generates 105 Bhp at a low 3800rpm and a ery useful 247 Nm of torque coming in from 1800-2000rpm. This obviously will give the Mahindra Thar plenty of poke in terrains where cars can’t even dream of treading.

A ground clearance of 200mm, four wheel drive and a fully articulated suspension means that the Mahindra Thar meets all the off roading criteria enthusiasts were so hoping for. This Jeep like a true blue off roader will seat just two persons. While the Mahindra Thar is mainly meant for exports, insiders at Mahindra are mulling a Indian launch after seeing the excellent response by Indian Off Road enthusiasts.

M&M Thar Price India:

The M&M Thar will be priced at the whereabouts of INR 6 Lakhs when it is does get launched.

Mahindra Thar Adventure Photo Gallery Photo Expo:

  1. Pradeep
  2. Aneesh Asok
  3. Dr.SATHY
  4. rajeev mehta
  5. Aboobakkar Puthiyaveetttil
  6. roshan
  7. Apang Welly
  9. Nikesh.N
  10. tanmaya
  11. Ritesh Parakh
  12. Ajay
  13. R N SAHU
  14. Jay Prashanth
  15. shayne
  16. Rajiv Goklany
  17. shaileshR Chavan
  18. shaileshR Chavan
  20. aakash jitekar
  21. Vikram Sharma
  22. sidharth singh rathore
  23. sidharth singh rathore
  24. prashant sodhani
  25. shahreyar
  27. ravi eshwar
  28. Manish Jhawar
  29. shakti
  30. aslam
  31. John Andrews
  32. PolicyWala
  33. Sunil Heliwal
  34. Sunil Heliwal
  35. anthony dsouza
  36. Prahlad Ray Agarwal
  37. Prahlad Ray Agarwal, Kharagpur
  38. rashida
  39. Dharmesh Patel
  40. razaque
  41. Manoj Kumar
  42. Dhanasekaran.k
  43. Dhanasekaran.k
  44. Urgain dadhul
  45. ravinder Chauhan
  46. Rattan chauhan
  47. Abid
  48. dilip
  49. shaminder pal singh
  50. suraj varghese kulathumkal
  51. mayankmeena
  53. gurmail singh rai
  54. bibhuti pradhan
  55. KANNAN
  56. Manjit singh Dhull
  57. Vijay Shiva Kumar
  58. gurpal
  59. gurpal
  60. ashish
  61. Tushar Choudhary
  62. Clouded Mirror
  63. Indian Cars Bikes
  64. Ajmal J Ajmal

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