Man finds gold in second hand vehicle bought off eBay!

A man from Britain had a stroke of luck when he found gold inside the vehicle he bought off eBay for 30,000 pounds!

The vehicle in question is a military tank and the gold amounted to 2 million pounds in today’s exchange market. Yes you can buy used military vehicles in Britain and that includes tanks! But they can’t be driven on the roads, we guess as it would be immensely impractical and finding parking space a pain in the bottom. The Indian Government also sells used military vehicles like jeeps and bikes, but no tanks so far, bad luck I guess.

The man who bought the tank is a military enthusiast, owning over 150 such vehicles. He lets people drive them on his farm and experience the thrill of steering such a powerful vehicle, literally speaking! They don’t get to shoot at objects which is sad but might get to crush some stuff.

After seeing the tank of Iraqi origin for sale on eBay, he gets a deal and brings it home. In the process of restoring it to its former glory, he finds a few gold bars hidden inside one of the additional fuel tanks on board. Old military vehicles will have active ammunition and guns which are hazardous and illegal to keep in civilian possession. So in the process of going through the tank, the owner had the most pleasant surprise of his life! He reported the finding to the police who have taken custody of the gold to wait if anyone comes to claim it.

After the stipulated time if no one comes forward with the right documentation, the gold should most likely go to the new owners. And it is also unlikely if anyone will come forward as the tank was used in the Iraqi war and soldiers must have stowed the gold away. After the tank was confiscated by the British military and brought back to UK no one would have guessed it contained a fortune.

The most we have found in a second hand car was Rs 14 in loose change, a magazine and some golf balls from the boot a Renault Duster.

Have you had any interesting finds from a second hand car?

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