One McLaren P1 Back On Sale

Hey, did you miss your chance to bag a Mclaren P1? The P1 was sold out almost as soon as it was launched publicly. Well, you just got one more chance since a dealership in Dubai called Alain Class Motors has put one unit of the car on sale once again. It is finished in yellow and carbon fiber and looks like it was bought for one and one purpose only, to flip it and rake in huge profits. According to reports, Al Ain Class Motors has not disclosed the price but it is apparent that it will be way pricier than the original version; which shouldn’t be a worry for buyers given where the car is being sold. It is worth noting here that the original price tag was UD$1.15 million.

McLaren P1 from the front

P1 in carbon and yellow

It is pretty normal for these supercars, (or should I say hyper-cars?) to fetch a huge bonus. A research study shows that cars such as the P1 are better investment than gold. You buy one from the company given that you are very lucky and very rich, use it for a year and sell it for the double the amount. It is a well documented phenomenon that a cars price shoots up soon as it goes out of production. Generally, vintage cars are expensive and prices rise each year, but the McLaren F1 changed that trend. It was the first ever modern car whose prices went straight up after its production. The Carrera GT and SLR followed the very same trajectory.

P1 from rear

Wing on the P1

It is a big deal when a company like McLaren launches its limited run flagship Nurburgring-thrashing hyper car. They don’t do it often, nd when they do, they do in style. The P1 probably faster than the LaFerrari and may even be the greatest road-legal performance car of all time. Given the record around Nurburgring, it’s just amazing to see how a road-legal car can push its limits and break the 7-minute barrier. A car such as the McLaren P1 is astonishing and very, very rare. The limited production run, excess carbon fiber, F1 technology, hybrid power train, carbon brakes, V8 engine, awesome active rear wind, and even the price all make perfect sense. It is one car that is truly worth its price tag. The P1 is the first flagship by McLaren after the F1, since the SLR was made through a collaboration with Mercedes Benz and their AMG engines were used. F1 borrowed its engine as well, from BMW, but never had a BMW logo up front on the body.

Interior of the P1

Interior of the P1

Source: Carbuzz

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