Mercedes AMG GT four door saloon spotted testing

Spyshots of the Mercedes AMG GT four door saloon have emerged, spotted testing on public roads.

AMG has been around from 1967 and formally became a part of Mercedes Benz in 1999. They were famous for making monsters out of every day Mercedes Benzs that you see on the roads and some infamous Black series cars. AMG makes some of the best sounding engines in the world, the 6.3 V8 and 7.3 V12 will forever go in the hall of fame as one of the best engines ever.

All that changed in 2009 with the SLS AMG, the first car to be entirely built from the ground up by AMG. The SLS AMG paid homage to the Gull wing of yore with the trademark doors. It was also the last naturally aspirated hurrah from AMG, doing away with the 6.3 AMG. Then came the Mercedes AMG GT, the sensible sports car which might look understated but lets it’s performance do the talk.

The next step for AMG would be to make a four door car and that’s what was showcased at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show. Powerful bonkers sedans were always a staple of AMG but they were usually regular Mercedes cars on steroids. The AMG way now is to build something from the ground up to be sporty and true to the Affalterbach DNA, so comes the AMG GT four door saloon.


Rear of the AMG GT four door saloon resembles the first generation CLA

AMG won’t develop an all new platform for the GT four door saloon as there are lots of chassis of all dimensions lying about at the Mercedes factory. The car will most likely be based on the MRA (Modular Rear-wheel-drive Architecture) platform like the CLS, with some AMG tweaks. Powering the car will most likely be the 4.0 litre twin tubo V8 but will have the assistance of an electric motor for more oomph, as that seems to be the way to go now.

So power figures should be north of 800, so it is wise for the saloon to have four wheel drive, as well AMGs are now sensible. So there should some tricky torque vectoring system (insert fancy acronym and expansion here) for some enhanced handling characteristics through the twisty bits. Milder versions of the AMG GT four door salon are also in the pipeline, for those who feel 800 horsepower in their saloon might cause their new Ferrari to get jealous.

From the spyshots here, the car resembles a lot like the CLS lineup, especially the first generation car with the pronounced wrap around rear lights. But AMG might be using this car as a mule to test the hybrid powerplant and work out the gremlins. So fingers crossed on the styling.

Now who all should be threatened by the arrival of the AMG GT four door saloon, the latest in the line of saloons having big numbers, Audi has quite a number of them. But AMG is aiming it’s sights at a more specialised audience who drives around Porsche Panameras and Aston Martin Rapides.

The new saloon will most likely be showcased by the next Geneva Motor Show. So till then we can only speculate and keep our eyes peeled for more spyshots.

Psst AMG has also something way way more bigger than a saloon in the pipeline too

Source: Autoevolution

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