Are You Game Enough? MTV Pulsar Stunt Mania Reloaded Season 2 Auditions Begin

With the tour of Chris Pfeiffer on, bike stunt fever is gripping the country as never before. MTV India is set to take it to a new level with the auditions of its popular reality show Pulsar Stunt Mania.

The second season of the show has been christened ‘Pulsar MTV Stunt Mania Reloaded‘ and will be flagged of this week with a first of its kind Rockathon, a fusion music and bike stunts. The daylong carnival will host stunts by Ghost Riderz, B-Boying, Paintball, Parikrama Live in concert and a bike workshop hosted by VJ Rannvijay.

MTV India senior vice president sales & marketing Aditya Swamy said, “After a great opening in Season one, the team at Bajaj and us wanted to take this to an all together new level this year. So the very first leg, auditions, have now become a two day festival. The Rockathon brings together two of the biggest youth passions, biking and rock music and this something that has never been done before in India. So when the ground leg has been scaled up so much, just imagine what is going to happen on the show.”

The auditions, starting from 7th of May 2010, will be held over two days in over six cities including Delhi, Bhopal, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Shillong. Day one will be the group discussions and on day two will be a test of skills as bikers.

Check out show’s website for further information.

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