Piaggio NT3 Low Cost car could be launched by end of 2012

Piaggio NT3 three seat city car at Milan motorcycle show

Piaggio NT3 three seat city car

Italian two-wheeler maker Piaggio is looking at producing two versions of the NT3 concept car for India. The NT3 could see a late 2012 launch in the country, according to sources of the Financial Express.

Ravi Chopra, chairman and managing director, Piaggio Vehicles, said, “The demand for small cars will be large in the densely populated countries and cities. These cars will also will be able to travel to places where the road infrastructure is not the best.” He added that the application movement version of the NT3 will be future Ape, its light commercial vehicle. The small car concept is based on the Vespa and Ape architecture,” he said.

The NT3 from Piaggio has been specifically designed for markets like India, Vietnam and South-East Asia. The NT3 concept is a three seat car that will rival the Tata Nano and Bajaj ULC in India, although the Nano’s prices have now risen considerably. The company is making significant investments in markets like Vietnam and India to expand manufacturing and sales operations in these markets.

“Our investments in Baramati plant are targeted towards preparing for future,” said Chopra. He added, “The engine facility is set up with the idea that the company can engineer its own four-wheeler engines and to create a hub for these diesel engines that can cater to Piaggio’s global requirements.”

The NT3 is 2.4 meters long and is expected to have a 200 cc and a 300 cc engine. A hybrid and electric variant could also be added later on. The car with the 300 cc motor would be able to attain a maximum speed of 80 kph and 60 kph with the 200 cc engine.

Via Financial Express


The 2.4 metrr long NT3 is expected to have a 200 cc and a 300 cc engine option, in addition to a hybrid and electric variant as well. The NT3 is expected to attain a maximum speed of 80 km per hour with the 300 cc engine and 60 km per hour with the 200 cc engine.
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