Product details: FLOW electric smart scooter by Twenty-Two Motors

Twenty-Two Motors Pvt Ltd a cutting-edge smart electric vehicle innovator unveiled the prototype of their Smart Scooter – FLOW last month and we have got the details of all the features you will get on the smart scooter. The Smart vehicle enabled by Artificial Intelligence is designed to fulfil the needs of the modern yet young travellers. The unique features which the brand facilitates the consumers through this vehicle boast of state of art sensors, smart features, lithium-ion storage, and the Internet of Things.

The Mobile APP which controls the working of the FLOW

Here is a list of features which are standard in FLOW and makes it one smart two-wheeler to buy.

  1. Design – Elegance and simplicity are elements designers have achieved while ensuring maximum performance. Performance and safety have been ensured to give a thrilling drive for the commuter.
  2. Disk Brakes – User safety has been ensured by performance twin disk brake assembly. Disk brakes have been integrated with the electronic braking system to ensure a smooth and quick halt.
  3. Electronic Braking System (EBS) – Intelligent Electronic braking system (EBS) not only ensures better braking but also generates power to charge battery each time you brake
  4. Digital Speedo – Style has been fused with electronics to make smart digital speedometer. Google maps, Social media notifications and smart alerts have all been integrated
  5. FOC – BLDC motor packs an unbelievable power to provide best in category Torque. FOC controller is the brain of the motor and unleashes on-demand power based upon a unique algorithm.
  6. Torque – High Torque of 8.74 Nm make sure FLOW doesn’t stay behind from traditional scooters
  7. More Boot Space – No engine means more space: 24L of Boot Space
  8. LED Lamps – For more clearer vision and less consumption of power with long life.
  9. Battery – Perfect battery solution for meeting a competitive demand for range and performance in Indian climate. Advanced Lithium-ion pack manages heat efficiently through company’s patent applied technology to promise performance with safety and long life.
  10. Portable Battery – Portable Battery has been installed in the scooter so that a replacement can be installed easily and with the ease of portable battery it can be charged inside the house like normal charging gadgets.
  11. Charging – Can be charged in any 5-ampere plug with AC power source
  12. Time- Takes 5 Hrs to charge to full
  13. Distance- Gives 80 Km driving range in full charge
  14. Wireless Battery – First in class and completely waterproof battery with the ip65 rating.
  15. Warranty – 50,000 Kms provided by the company
  16. Intelligence – The system has been dotted with state of art sensors and smart features.
  17. AI- System has taken full advantage of various sensors and real-time connectivity which has been integrated within the scooter. Servers analyse data through complex data analytic algorithms and suggest any upcoming service requirement.
  18. Smart App – User-centric mobile application provides you with a one-touch solution to control every aspect of a vehicle. You can track your vehicle remotely and analyse your driving pattern. Vehicle health is now Omnipresent to the user.
  19. Geofencing – You can now define your own territory. The vehicle will automatically alert you once it’s outside your defined geographical boundaries. It’s a very helpful feature for those parents who want to make sure that their children don’t go far away from home.
  20. Drag Mode – Don’t get confused after reading the title, It’s not the traditional drag mode instead Drag mode enables the scooter to move along at walking speed, in case you have a puncture and want to push it
  21. Take me home – Suggests best and energy efficient route to ensure you reach home
  22. iRepair- DIY Guide for repairing
  23. Reverse Mode – The mode allows you to move the scooter backwards a first of its kind in the two-wheeler segment.
  24. Cruise Control – Cruise control helps to keep the vehicle running at a steady speed, irrespective of the conditions and the terrain. This feature is also a first of its kind to be introduced in a two-wheeler.
  25. SOS- If you find yourself in a situation where you need to contact in the emergency, SOS Mode on the FLOW could be a lifesaver. With a click of an SOS button on the smart scooter will send a message and your location to the registered numbers.

    The Speedometer displays various parameters of the FLOW

Service and Ownership – Completely covered by the company, Buy parts via Smart App and the parts shall be delivered and installed by the company representative at the home of the owner, Lifetime battery warranty provided by the company.

Twenty-Two Motors is going to launch the FLOW during the Auto Expo 2018 in Feb. Pricing of the Smart Electric scooter is expected to be around INR 70,000.

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