Red Bull X1 racer: Are we witnessing the evolution of F1 cars?

Red Bull X1 race car in Gran Turismo 5

Red Bull X1 race car in Gran Turismo 5

Racing and Formula 1 in particular has been around since the dawn of motoring. Cars have been evolving into faster and safer machines all along. Racing is a dangerous sport and the FIA has been introducing safety standards to make the sport as safe as possible to the driver and the spectators alike. Thanks to current regulations, Formula 1 cars of today are slower than those of the 90’s. The ‘V10 era’ of the 90’s produced some of the fastest cars ever built and prior to that was the ‘turbo era’.

Red bull X1 prototype by IDC

IDC team with the Red Bull X1 prototype

But what if, there were no regulations and the engineers were to be given a free hand? Red Bull racing’s X1 is one such concept racer that is conceived when the imagination of the geekiest of F1 engineers go berserk. You can experience the g-forces first hand (virtually) in the latest Gran Turismo 5, Playstation 3 game and now a UK design team from Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC) has produced a full-scale model of the X1 race car that was designed by Red Bull Racing’s technical boss Adrian Newey.

The concept, designed without Newey’s normal constraints of strict F1 regulations, is 4.75 metres long and 2.2 metres wide. In the game the car is powered by a twin-turbo 3.0 litre V6 that pumps out 1479 bhp and 715 Nm of torque. If you think thats impressive wait till find the awesome acceleration figures. 0-62 mph in 1.4 sec and 0-200 mph in 6.1 sec, while top speed is 280 mph. Impressive eh?

Hop on board the X1 and enjoy a lap around the Nurburgring with Sebastien Vettel:

Image courtesy: Autocar

Video courtesy: Youtube

Red Bull X1 prototype Photo Gallery:

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