CES 2017 : Self Driving Tech Ventures Into All-New BMW 5-Series!

German luxury carmaker, BMW has portrayed its work in the arena of autonomous driving technology and displayed the tech laden, all-new BMW 5-Series, at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2017, in Las Vegas.

BMW showcased its luxury sedan, kitted out with all the wizardry associated with self driving technology, albeit in a production ready form.


The 5-Series self driving prototype makes use of digital maps to search for the car’s instantaneous position and also get relevant loads of information about its surroundings. BMW aims to roll out the complete autonomous driving technology into its production cars by the year 2021.

The current 7th generation of the BMW 5-Series, which made its global debut a few months back in October 2016 already comes loaded with a host of driver assist and semi-autonomous functionality.

G30 BMW 5-Series with Self Driving Tech CES 2017

With the full autonomous technology in place, the prototype also displayed car’s intelligence, where it takes over completely from the driver behind the wheel, once the car is put in the ‘Passenger’ mode. It features a host of Amazon Prime services on board and occupants can choose to watch their favorite flick on Amazon or enjoy their music.

G30 BMW 5-Series with Self Driving Tech CES 2017

The car automatically dims the interior lighting, as well as raises the window curtains to allow for a better watching experience while on the go. One could also feed in their day’s schedule and important upcoming appointments, and the car would take care of searching for the best route, as well as coming up with the suitable departure time accordingly.

G30 BMW 5-Series with Self Driving Tech CES 2017

The BMW 5-Series in its latest avatar also comes with gesture control on-board, just as its elder sibling, the 7-Series. The autonomous driving prototype also featured Microsoft’s Cortana for seamless voice assistance and search options. BMW has also packed in a very special Robot Valet Parking service, which with the touch on the remote key, can automatically park and bring out the car out of a parking porch.


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