Tata Motors begins exporting Nano small car

2011 Tata Nano Small Car

2011 Tata Nano Small Car

Tata Motors has begun exports of the Nano small car. The automaker known all over the world for the inexpensive and practical Nano, people’s car has had plans to export the Nano to other countries. In April, the company exported a total of 498 units of the car to destinations which were not revealed to the media as of now.

Tata Motors however, will be issuing a formal announcement about the exports in which details of the countries to which the Nano is being exported could be known. “We will make an announcement regarding exports of Nano very shortly,” a Tata Motors spokesperson told PTI.

According to numbers released by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), Tata Motors exported 498 units last month as compared to just a single unit in the corresponding month last year. “For various reasons, we need to send out the cars. If we want to market and sell a car tomorrow, then it cannot be started immediately tomorrow,” the spokesman added.

2011 Tata Nano

2011 Tata Nano

Tata Motors is looking at markets in South America, South-East Asia and Africa at the moment. India’s neighbour, Nepal is also on Tata Motors’ radar is looking at viable options to keep the cost of the car as low as possible as the country at presents impose 300 percent duty on imports.

Earlier this month, Tata Motors recorded marginal growth amidst slowdown which hit the auto sector after most automakers hikes prices. Inflation and rising loan rates were also some of the factors that affected sales during this period. However, Tata Motors sold 10,000 Nano’s during the month which fueled the growth as a result. The high demand for the Nano resulted in a massive, 184 percent rise n sales of the car over the same period last year.

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