Tata Nexon compact SUV spied with no camoulflage, launch soon!

Tata Nexon compact SUV has been spotted in an almost production ready guise. Once launched it will be the latest entry into the compact SUV segment in India.


Spyshots have emerged of the Tata Nexon and it promises to offer something different in the segment like Tata promised. The Chief Designer at Tata Mr Pratap Bose said the production ready Nexon will “stay true to the concept car” and people will have a hard time telling the difference.

Well Tata have mostly lived up to this statement as the almost production ready model looks identical to the concept that Tata first showed at the 2014 Delhi Auto Show. The suicide doors have been given a miss and also most likely the fancy interior trim and lighting will be toned down a bit as well.

From the front of the car, the Nexon compact SUV looks like a muscled up Tiago with the similar front grille and headlight cluster. There is the Tata logo at the center of the grille taking prime placement. Front bumper gets a blackened hexagonal area at the bottom conveying a dominant front end of the car, but the bug eyed headlamps should appeal to the opposite sex as well.

Along the sides is where the lines come in and one prominent one circles the entire back of the car starting near the front wheel arch rounding the curved back and all the way down the opposite side as well. The sharp angular tail lights also form part of this line further complementing the design without any breaks.


The style back design of the Tigor sedan is also present here with the C pillar showing off a floating roof-esque design with a small portion blackened. Like the front bumper, there is a similar hexagonal cut out at the rear as well integrating the space for the number plate cleanly. The consistency in the design of the Tata Nexon makes this car a looker in our books and a breath of fresh air in the segment.


“We want it to be a show-stopper. It has to be outstanding. We were told that we’re late in getting into that market, but even if we’re late, we’ll redefine this segment. The Nexon will redefine the segment.” – Pratap Bose

Tatas have always been criticised for their designs which fail to bring out emotions of any sort in the viewer. With the recent launches there is a change in direction seen and the soon to be launched Nexon compact SUV will carry the baton further ahead.

Tata Nexon

With the design of the Nexon, Tata has gone global as the international market inlfluences the likes and tastes of the Indian customer. Will this pay off with the Nexon compact SUV will have to waited and seen.

Image source : carwale , teambhp

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