Top 10 Most Beautiful Cars Ever Made In The World

Here is a question, if given a choice, would you rather be seen in a BMW M3 or an Alfa Romeo Brera? Sure the souped up Beemer is miles ahead of the Alfa in terms of sheer driving pleasure, something we come to expect of a carmaker that plumes itself to make the ultimate driving machine. But when it comes to sheer beauty, the Brera draws you like a moth to a flame.

Sure, you can drive cars which go from 0-100 KPH in less than 3 seconds and which can go round the Nurburgring in less than 8 minutes, but will it wake you from your slumber and pull you to the garage just to catch a glimpse of it?

Some people swear by numbers but for the others, they are just numbers. And quite frankly, I agree. For me, a car HAS to be good looking. Ridiculous boxes just don’t cut it. Yes, yes, I know they are practical and green, but all I hear is jibber jabber.

If you are one of us, read on to SEE the 10 most gorgeous cars of all time and do let us know your take. Of course, beauty is subjective and playing the beholder can be tough when you are surrounded by cars like the Alfa Romeo GTV and the Jaguar E-type. Here goes the list in no particular order.

The Mercedes-Benz SSK Count Trossi

Short for Super Sport Kurz, the roadster was the last car to be designed by Ferdinand Porsche before he set up his enterprise.

The SSK saw numerous Grand Prix victories during its production (1928 – 1932) thanks to its massive engine – a 7-Litre straight-6 engine which powered the car to a top speed of 190 KPH.

This elegant design is a result of a combined effort of Count Carlo Felice Trossi, who bought the chassis of the SSK in 1930, and an unknown English coach builder, Wiilie White, who put Trossi’s vision into reality.

It has surely earned its name, the Black Prince. It rests at the garage of a bloke named Ralph Lauren.

The Jaguar E-type

Christened the XK-E in the US, the E-type was a sportscar built by Jaguar under the flailing flagship of British Leyland.

The car’s exceptional sex appeal coupled with high performance and competitive pricing meant the Jaguar was seen as one of the iconic cars of the 1960’s. Made between 1961 and 1974, the Jaguar E-type replaced the Jaguar XK 150.

During the 13 year production, the car saw 3 series, with roadsters and coupe styling. The hearts of these beauties got a constant upgrade during their lifetime. The E-type saw a standard carburetted 3.8-litre 6-cylinder Jaguar XK6 engine and an upgrade to 4.2-litre and eventually getting a larger 5.3-Litre Jaguar V12 upgrade. With top speeds of 240 KPH and 0-100 KPH times of 7.1 seconds, this cat did roar into the hearts of the hippies.

On launch, Enzo Ferrari called it “the most beautiful car ever made.” We sort of agree, maybe.

The Mercedes Benz 300 SL

Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing

Picture Courtesy: 6×7

Sure they are as impractical as they get and they cannot be shut anyone less than five foot five and sure in the eventuality of a rollover, they will remain shut but oh my word are they sexy! Surely a technological first, the doors in the 300 SL were beyond doubt the USP of the 300 SL, apart from a racing pedigree that is.

Here is why. First, the car was approximately $11,000 and in 1955, when this car was made, that was good enough to get you a house. The huge asking price was largely because of the trouble involved in getting the gull-wing doors right. Second, the 3.0-Litre engine was hardly anorexic. Third, the boot could fit just the one thing, the spare wheel.

Practical or not, this car sold and sold well. So well, that this car is often considered to be responsible for the company’s image across the pond.

Luckily, the car was made as a convertible which saw larger success. A 300 SL (Sport Leicht – Sport Light in German) can be rebuilt from scratch as Merc still houses and supplies parts for these babies. Rebuilding one might be the Hobson’s choice considering buying one these cars will set you back by $700,000 to a Million dollars.

The Ferrari Dino

Constructed for son Dino (Alfredo) Ferrari, who suggested his father developed a V6 racing engine for Formula 2 in the early 60s. Dino died before the engine was finished and in memory of his son, Enzo placed the V6 engine in the middle of a beautiful body designed by Pininfarina.

The Dino was produced between 1968 and 1976 and was powered by a 2.0-Litre, a 2.4-Litre 6-cylinders and 3.0-Litre 8-cylinders. The Dino brand was established to go head on with cheaper sportscars such as the Porsche 911 because Enzo did not want to dilute the Ferrari brand with cheaper cars.

With low shoulders and a distinctly non-Ferrari styling, the Dino is still considered by many as the most beautiful Fezza ever built.

The 1969 Ford Mustang

Ford released its pony car as a competition to GM’s muscle cars like the Chevy Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird and as a bid to attract younger buyers.

In 1969 however, the Mustang saw a huge jump in popularity as no less than 6 factory performance Mustang models were available (Boss 302, 429, Shelby GT350, GT500 and the Mach 1). Additionally, 9 variations of V-8s were available in the ’69-’70 cars.

With the ‘Shaker Hood’, the hood mounted air-scoop and the long bonnet, the Mustang is every muscle car collector’s fantasy. The engines had so many variables among their tuners that a specific one is hard to narrow in on. The only fact common denominator was that they were all V8s producing anywhere between 400-500 bhp.

Movie stardom notwithstanding, the Mustang’s pure in your face all American muscle car personality is what makes it appear on this list. We’re sure you’ll agree.

The Alfa Romeo Brera

The Giugiaro designed and Pininfarina made Brera is a thing of beauty.

The pinnacle of Alfa design, the car has everything in the way it looks – aggression, finesse, curves, lines all coming together in holy matrimony.

The roof has a semi-transparent glass and the interior is possibly the best place to be outside your house. The Brera houses various engines- 1.7-Litre, 2.2-Lire and 3.2-Litre petrol and a few dreary diesels. The petrols produce 197 bhp, 182 bhp and 257 bhp, respectively.

Aston Martin owners, ProDrive have sorted the handling of the Brera with the Brera S. Yummy. This car is truly bellissimo.

The Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio

The pitchfork’ed subsidiary of FIAT has made some gorgeous cars and the GranTurismo (GT) is just the top of that ice berg.

The signature Masertai grille adorns this car and with the pitchfork logo, the car sure does look like the devil in disguise. The Maserati may not drive to well or may not be too practical but picture this, you get dressed for dinner and ask your spouse, “Darling, shall we take the Maserati tonight?” Got a ring to it donnit?

The convertible only increases this car’s sex appeal.

The Lamborghini Reventon

Image Courtesy:

Enough said? Well, check out the Reventon’s LCD instrument cluster. Gasp.

The Aston Martin Rapide

A four-door Aston was seen as sacrilege and something as beautiful as this only proves that lust is a sin.

Complete with full length glass-roof and seating for four, the Rapide has carried forward the beauty of the DB9. Costing at $200,000, the Rapide is sure to set a few exclusivity records. It is gorgeous, this.

The Lamborghini Miura

We have written at length about the Miura. Instant drool generator.  The Aphrodite of cars. You know how it works.

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