Top 5 Electric and Hybrid Scooters Likely to be Launched in 2015.

Being green or being mean, is the choice of an individual and every single human being has its own take on the concept of using green technologies in automobiles. Many still feel that gasoline is the real blood and only that should be running through the veins of any automobile. But the going by the hints, what mother nature has been giving since past few years, the crude oil is meant to deplete. Thus manufacturers have started preparing themselves for this inevitable change. Here we will be talking about 5 unconventional scooters entering the market, to mark the beginning of new era. We have seen many half heart-ed attempts in electrical or hybrid scooter segment till now, but following are some of the upcoming scooters from some established manufactures which promises a complete execution of project.

Hero RNT Diesel – Hybrid Scooter:


Hero rnt

The Hero RNT, is an unique diesel scooter concept from Hero Motocorp.  It is powered by a 150 cc liquid cooled, turbo diesel – hybrid motor, which can produce a maximum power output of 13.5 bhp and a healthy torque output of 35 Nm. One of the main attractions of this scooter will be the presence of an electric motor, backed by an electric battery, which promises the rider with a unique two wheel drive option, first of its kind in the country. The RNT scooter has been designed with practicality being the main USP. It is rumored to have powerful detachable headlamps, a wide flat-loading surface along with multi-use folding side racks, a large comfortable seat and spacious foot-boards. For braking duties the RNT will rely on disc brakes mounted on both, front (220mm rotor) and rear wheels (300mm).

Hero Leap




The next expected launch of the segment again comes from Hero MotoCorp, which plans to venture in the hybrid two-wheeler segment with its electric serial hybrid scooter – the Leap. An annual production figure of 6,000 units is what is estimated initially and depending on demand this could be increased. The scooter will be driven by an electric motor, consuming power stored in batteries, which will be recharged by a small capacity internal combustion engine.  The electric scooter will have alloy wheels and will be equipped with front disc brakes. The scooter is rumored to have additional features like comfortable and adjustable seat, wide under seat storage, luggage compartment in the front and dual LED lights.

Mahindra GenZe:


Mahindra GenZe is a new electric scooter which has been developed and conceived in Palo Alto, California, USA.  The initial manufacturing of this electric scooter will be done at the Mahindra’s new facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Originally developed with the intention of increasing its foothold in the US market, Mahindra is expected to launch the GenZe in India too. It is a full electric scooter which has been developed for urban use. The scooter boasts of generous under seat storage space, a 7-inch touchscreen and digital instrumentation console that displays speed, range and other details. The display is weather-proof and Bluetooth enabled, which will enable one to sync his/her own mobile phone with scooter.

TVS Qube:

tvs qubeTVS is also getting ready to compete in the hybrid scooter category with scooter named Quebe , the concept of which was revealed long time ago. The Qube will be powered by a 100cc four-stroke engine and an electric hub motor. What is new in this, is the different driving modes on offer. This feature was earlier available only on the exotic hybrid cars from the west. On electric only mode, with zero fuel consumption and zero emissions, it can be used for short city trips. The engine only mode is useful when the battery charge depletes. The Qube also has option of choosing between Hybrid Economy Mode and Hybrid Power Mode. In economy mode, engine and electric motor run as per the programmed strategy for extracting the highest possible fuel efficiency. While in power mode, both engine and electric motor engage together for better acceleration and power. The hybrid technology on the scooter delivers significant emission reduction and is expected to give an improved fuel economy, of around 70 kilometers per litre. Customers might have to wait till the end of 2015 for Qube’s launch.

Hyosung ST-E3 EVA:

Hyosung-STE3a Hyosung the name which most of the readers wouldn’t have expected to see in this list. But, Yes! The company does manufacture scooters, electric scooters to be more precise. The ST-E3 EVA is already being sold in Hyosung’s global markets. This beautiful machine is driven by a brush-less DC, in-wheel motor which produces 3.8bhp. According to Hyosung’s claims, the lithium ion batteries take three hours to get charged through a standard household outlet and gives this scooter a range of around 100kms. The scooter has telescopic suspension at front and uses disc brakes at both ends.

That is all we had for the list of top 5 unconventional scooters, which could probably be launched in the Indian Market next year. Electrifying enough?


Author: Rishabh Jain

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