Toyota Etios Hatchback close ups straight from the 2010 Indian Auto Expo

Etios Front

Toyota Etios Concept

The Toyota Etios Hatchback has been one of the most eagerly anticipated car of the 2010 Indian Auto Expo with fellow bloggers even clambering up high walls to catch a sneak peek just before the Auto Expo. Finally, Toyota Kirloskar Motors has gone ahead and unveiled the ETIOS concept at the Auto Expo. Before we move ahead, we’d like to explain what the Etios stands for. E-Economical family car, T-Technology, I-Innoative styling, O-Outstanding comfort and S-Safety without compromise.

This, in a nutshell has been the design brief which has finally culminated in Toyota’s economical family car, the Etios. The styling of the hatchback while not radically out of the world is pretty contemporary, treading more on the safe area that will endow it with universal appeal. Toyota has announced that the Etios Hatchback will be powered by a 1200cc petrol engine. This is primarily aimed at making full use of the excise duty cuts that the Indian government bestows upon cars below 1200cc.

The interiors of the car however felt cheap and tacky even though it will carry the typical Toyota trait of high quality. Since this car is still a concept, Toyota might work on the interiors before the small car’s launch. That said, Toyota has made it clear in the past that the Etios hatchback is a car designed primarily keeping economy in mind. So, compromises like these might just be the formula for a more economical end product.

Apart from the interiors, we had little to complain about the Toyota Etios Hatchback, which will be priced at INR 4.5-5 Lakhs and will take on the Maruti Ritz and the Hyundai i10, when it is launched in early 2011. For now, take a look at the Toyota Etios Hatchback’s picture gallery.

Toyota Etios Small Car Auto Expo 2010 Photo Gallery:

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