vLer – India’s First End to End Car Retailing Website

Times sure are changing. Technology is sweeping our lives like a thunderous storm and is making it easier, in most cases.

So today, when one could look out and buy just about anything online, then why not get a car sitting into that couch at your home? Well, I would not prefer it myself because there’s altogether a different feeling of going to a dealership, taking a test drive, wasting some time with the sales chaps who are constantly oozing out dollops of wrong information or trying to explain the meaning of misunderstood abbreviations to the customer. But, in this case, there seems to be a substantial cost saving as well.


Hey! So why not have a look at what’s there in store. Thus, enter ‘vLer’, a start-up which basically is an online car dealership, with some very unique features.

vLer is an automotive web portal which aims to help people finalize on their perfect car. It uses various mathematical algorithms to aid someone looking for a vehicle in the overcrowded car market to pick out and arrive to at their most suitable option.

The website also takes care of going through the back-end hassles of all the processes which come across while buying a car, which include, negotiating with various dealers for the best bargain, financial support, car insurance and later on of all the paperwork that’s there to be done once the deal is finalized.

Putting in all its analysis and research, vLer assures to offer the sweetest deal to the end customer, thus offering him or her the best price for the new car. The website guarantees that the price quoted by them would be the lowest across the market.

The start-up has been co-founded by Sanjay Bharti in May this year and operates out of Mumbai at the moment. It has sold 14 cars since inception and aims to sell over a 1,000 vehicles by the end of next year, when it would see making its presence in 10 more cities across the country.

Many automobile companies are exploring the online e-commerce space for the retail of cars as well. Since technology is making its way into almost every field, this concept sure seems to find a segment of its own if the services on offer is transparent and really benefits the customer.

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