World’s First Flying Car From PAL-V to Arrive in 2018!

Well, seeing all the congestion on roads in today’s times, seems someone at PAL-V really listened to the plea of many a disgruntled folks and decided to design this marvel, world’s first flying car!

Christened the Liberty, the car is expected to debut and go on for commercial sale, just next year in 2018. PAL-V is a Dutch car manufacturer and has made a three wheeled vehicle, which carries rotors on its roof and the tail.

PAL-V Liberty

The rotors present on the car could be folded down when the car is on the road and could be spread across to let the driver take off, whenever he or she wishes to fly the car. The PAL-V Liberty only requires a conversion time of 5-10 minutes to switch from a road going car and transform into an airplane.

The PAL-V Liberty comes equipped with two engines, one for driving, while the other one specifically for flying the car. The rotors on the rear tail have their individual engine, which develops thrust to let the car take off when it is in its flying mode.

PAL-V Liberty

On the other hand, the engine installed for doing road duties churns out 99 BHP and gives the car the capability to attain a top speed of 160 kmph. The engine on the rear tail churns out 198 BHP of power, which can fly the car at speeds of up to 180 kmph, at a maximum altitude of 3,500 metres.

The car comes with a dry weight of 664 kilograms and has a Maxium Take Off Weight capacity of 910 kilograms. The rotors mounted at the top utilize wind power to generate lift.

PAL-V Liberty

The company will be designing and producing two versions of the flying car, namely, the PAL-V Pioneer and the PAL-V Liberty. The Liberty model will go on sale after the Pioneer gets sold out. The models are priced at roughly Rs. 4 crore for the Pioneer and around Rs. 2 crore for the Liberty respectively.

Company has begun the pre-bookings at its website and would be working earnestly towards bringing these to reality.

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