Yamaha R15 Version 3, New FZ heading for India in 2014

While the much touted Yamaha R25 may be a distant dream for the Indian market, the Japanese brand is eager to bring down version 3 of the youngest sibling in the R series- the R15. So far, the R15 has only undergone one markable change in its look and the next one is most likely to come out in 2014. It is obvious that there will be certain minor changes to the styling of the bike. The more considerable change will be carried out on the R15’s ECU. Yamaha plans on making the unit smoother, with a beefier torque delivery. The new R15, which should launch by late 2014, may also serve up a bit more power than its predecessor.

2014 Yamaha R25

The Yamaha R25 may be a distant dream, but the new R15 should reach India by the end of 2014

In more exciting news from their commuter segment bikes, Yamaha is also looking to release a new version of the FZ series in 2014. There were rumours that the new FZ may be upgraded to a 250cc engine. At this point in time, it seems more likely that the new bike will have only a slightly stronger engine at about 170cc. The Yamaha FZ-S concept that was showcases at Auto Expo 2014 is a pointer to what that company is looking to achieve with the next generation in the series. The concept unit at Auto Expo sported a vibrant two-tone blue and black colour and a 153cc powerplant.

New Yamaha FZ-S concept Auto Expo 2014

The Yamaha FZ-S concept was showcased at the recently concluded 2014 Auto Expo

Despite being eagerly awaited by Yamaha fans around the country, the launch of these bikes will be preceded by the launch of one more new scooter in 2014. Yamaha launched the 113c Alpha scooter at the Auto Expo. While the bikes may generate buzz, it is the scooters that make up the volumes and Yamaha is looking to consolidate its market share before venturing into more exciting prospects. They have been a bit reluctant in the past to take the spotlight off their scooters by mentioning the bikes. With news about the new R15 and FZ coming in, lets hope the lesser said is the more done to make the bikes a success.

Yamaha FZ 1

Yamaha FZ 1 at Auto Expo


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