Salman Khan Car Collection: What the Bhai drives?

Salman Khan a.k.a. Bhai of Bollywood has always been in the news, for varied reasons though. He is known to be one of the most generous and approachable individuals in the industry however, there is a flip-side to that as well. Currently, he might also have to serve a 5 year jail sentence for running over and killing a pavement dweller. Things are a little complex to decipher and we leave them up to you. More interestingly, our colleagues at Car Toq have compiled a list of the rides which the Bhai owns and we bring them to you.

Lexus LX 470

The premium SUV from Lexus isn’t (and wasn’t) sold in India and needs to be imported and certainly that is what Salman Khan had to do. An elder sibling to the Toyota Land Cruiser, the Lexus LX 470 had debuted in 1998 and was produced until 2006. Clearly, Salman Khan would have had purchased it in the last decade but he still uses it to commute sometimes. Coincidentally, it was the Toyota Land Cruiser which got Salman involved in the over-running and killing case.


The Lexus LX 470 is now out of production.

Mercedes Benz GL-Class

Presumably, Salman loves SUVs and we guess they suit his personality as well. The 49 year old bachelor also owns a Mercedes Benz GL-Class and is often found driving one.



Weren’t we telling you? Salman Bhai loves SUVs and to prove our point, here is another SUV from his collection, the BMW X5.


Currently, the third generation X5 is sold in India.

Range Rover Vogue

And, you thought we were done? Nopes! The list doesn’t end. Sallu Bhai also owns one white Range Rover Vogue.


Reports suggest that Salman hasn’t had a pleasant time in the Range Rover as it has faced multiple breakdowns in the recent past.

W221 Mercedes Benz S-Class

Presumably the only known luxury saloon that the Khan drives is the W221 Mercedes Benz S-Class. It was under production until 2013 before it gave way to the next generation S Class. It came with 9 engine options and 2 automatic transmission options to pair with. It also won various award for its safety features and styling, some of them include the Automotive Circle International (ACI) “EuroCarBody Award 2005”, 2006 British Insurance Car Security Award and the 2007 What Car? Safety Award.

Let us know which is the next celebrity’s garage you would like us to cover in our next post?

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