Transformers 3 Update: New trailer invades Super Bowl

Transformers 3 poster

Transformers 3 poster

For the sports-crazy Americans, Super Bowl is precisely what cricket is to us – a religion. The championship game of the National Football League is the most-watched US TV broadcast.  That’s one rock-solid reason for marketing teams to convince their bosses to shell out the big bucks in airing ads during the telecast of the sporting event. Everything from cars to watches fight it out to grab the attention of the Football-addict munching popcorn at the other end and Hollywood movie Studios are no exception.

Studios find Super Bowl to be the perfect season to take the wraps off their summer blockbusters. Tucking in all the wow-moments into one air-tight trailer which will give them a decent chunk of buzz and hype is what the studios are in the look-out for. This year’s Super Bowl saw its fair share of scintillating trailers and the ones which stood out were those of Super 8, Captain America: The First Avenger and…wait for it…here it comes…in a moment…bells and whistles…Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Michael Bay’s third outing with Shia LaBeouf and his robot buddies from outer space is easily one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The first two instalments shattered box office records and the third one is expected to soar above its predecessors. The exit of a certain hottie by the name of Megan Fox (slurp!) doesn’t seem to have caused any significant impact on the fanbase. The replacement in the form of British lingerie model Rosie Huntington Whiteley has received positive response from the fans following up the action pre-release. Coming back to the Super Bowl trailer, the 30-second spot is devoid of any dialogues and still manages to grip the audience with its steel claws. Thanks to the background score which goes ahead and sets the mood of the movie which is definitely of panic and alarm. The  Decepticons led by Megatron and Shockwave are taking no prisoners this time and the trailer directs all attention to the massive invasion that the Autobots and the humans are faced with. It’s destruction and pyrotechnics all around with military jets being gunned down, skyscrapers being blown up and the raging invaders turning the planet into a massive war zone. You get to see Bumblebee with his “Earth is so [email protected]#ked up this time” look, Ironhide ramming into Treads head-on and obviously Optimus Prime at his very best, battling it out with a battalion of Decepticon fighters, eventually slashing one of them in half with his blade. Kick-ass!

This is Michael Bay’s third and final association with the movie franchise and the director who is well-known for his action-overloaded movies has left no stone unturned this time and appears to be aiming at signing off on a high note.

To top it off, the movie is a 3D release which kicks up its desirability factor a notch. We are hooked already and are exploring the possibilities of travelling through time, all the way to 1 July 2011 when the movie will invade theatres around the globe.

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