2012 Facelifted New Mahindra Verito Sedan in ICB’s Render

A couple of day ago, we brought you images of the facelifted Mahindra Verito sedan doing the testing rounds in Chennai, India, under heavy camouflaging. The facelifted Verito is said to be a stop gap model for Mahindra before the sub 4 meters compact sedan version comes along and becomes the primary sedan in Mahindra’s model portfolio. Coming to the facelifted model, our roving eye in the sky, has delivered a speculative rendering on how the new Verito sedan could look like. This render could also be very similar to what the compact sedan’s front end might look like.

2012 New Mahindra Verito Sedan Facelift

A speculative render of the 2012 New Mahindra Verito Sedan Facelift

The front of the facelifted 2012 Verito could now see redesigned headlamps and a new front bumper. The biggest change however, is expected to be the toothy front grille, which could now feature the typical Mahindra family styling, that now runs across its SUV models. A chrome strip running across the top of the grille is expected to endow the Verito with some panache, and this touch is expected to be a major draw amongst buyers considering Indians’ love for chrome. The air dam up front is also expected to see a redesign along with new housing for the fog lamps.

New wheels covers are the other change that the Verito is expected to get while the wing mirrors could see redesigned cladding. The Verito sedan will  Oh, and we also hope that Mahindra dumps the horrendous looking roof rails which looks very out of place from the current Verito. Another change we’d like to see on the facelifted Verito’s interiors is  the acres of grey plastics being replaced by a more soothing color. While it is true that the Verito’s plastics are very hard wearing and resistant to rattles, a better color scheme on the inside would make the car’s interiors more liveable.

On the facelift too, the Verito sedan is expected to retain the low cost underpinnings like the old fashioned door handles and blacked out B-pillars. The car’s rear will get new tail lamps and another chrome strip on the boot. The engine is expected to be untouched as it has been one of the strongest parts of the package. The 1.5 Liter K9K common rail turbo diesel engine churns out 65 Bhp of peak power and 160 Nm of peak torque. This engine, which is mated to a five speed manual transmission, is known for its superb driveability, bomb proof reliability and good fuel economy.

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