2012 Honda Brio Automatic hatchback spotted in India, at a Chennai dealership

Honda it seems is just weeks away from launching the Automatic version of its best selling car model in India, the Brio hatchback. While the Brio Automatic’s launch this festive season in India, is a foregone conclusion, the hatchback has begun arriving into Honda dealerships. A Brio automatic was spotted at a Chennai dealership by an eagle eyed forumer over at GearHeads.in. From what we can make out, the Brio gets an automatic gearbox with presets. While a CVT automatic gearbox is what is anticipated on the Honda Brio, we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Honda. The Brio that sells in Thailand comes with a CVT gearbox.

2012 Honda Brio Automatic Hatchback

2012 Honda Brio Automatic Hatchback Gearshifter

The Brio Automatic does not sport any visual cues in terms of external badging to signify that it is an automatic variant. The only giveaways therefore, is the gear shifter indicating the various modes and the absence of a clutch pedal, which clearly shows that this car is an automatic. The Brio AT that has been spotted is the top end V version of the car. So, Honda it seems will offer the automatic gearbox option on the top end Brio. However, a lower variant could also get an automatic variant given that Honda now offers the automatic gearbox in the middle variant of the City sedan.

Generally, the trend in the Indian car market has been that of car makers offering automatic gearboxes only on the top end variants. This makes the automatic variants of the car quite expensive. On the other hand,  the main idea behind offering a middle variant of a car with an automatic gearbox is to lower the entry price of the automatic car in question. Maruti Suzuki is one automaker which has made good use of this strategy as automatic variants of its cars like the A-Star and the Dzire are offered in mid level variants, making them quite affordable.

So, if Honda too adopts this strategy and launches two variants of the Brio automatic in the form of a mid level and a top end variant, it would make the Brio in automatic guise all the more desirable. The Brio Automatic is expected to be priced about INR 50,000 more than the equivalent manual gearbox version. The Brio is powered by 1.2 Liter, 4 cylinder petrol engine that outputs 90 Bhp-110 Nm. This petrol engine, which the Brio shares with the Jazz hatchback, is mated to a five speed manual transmission, as standard price of kit.

Images courtesy GearHeads

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