2013 BMW X1 Crossover facelift launched in Indonesia; India launch to happen soon

BMW Indonesia has just launched the facelifted version of the best selling X1 crossover. The 2013 BMW X1 Crossover facelift launched in Indonesia gets a petrol engine and a turbo diesel engine option. The X1 sold in Indonesia is assembled through the CKD route, similar to the approach BMW India has taken with a range of its luxury cars like the X1, the X3, the 3-Series and the new 5-Series. In 2013, BMW will also begin assembling the 7-Series luxury saloon in India through the CKD route. In the next few weeks, BMW India is expected to launch the facelifted 2013 X1 crossover in the Indian car market, thereby kick starting its 2013 launch program.

2012 BMW X1 Crossover

201# BMW X1 Crossover Facelift

The 2013 version of the BMW X1 facelift gets a minor style job up front with the trademark BMW kidney grille and front bumpers seeing a refresh. On the inside, the center console and the dashboard see a refresh as well. Under the hood, the BMW X1’s mainstay in India will continue to be the 2 Liter-4 cylinder turbo diesel engine outputting 177 Bhp-380 Nm. This eager beaver turbo diesel motor now gets a shot in the arm with an 8 speed automatic transmission replacing the 6 speed slush box that the older X1 crossover features. Peppier performance and better fuel economy will be the resultant of this gearbox change.

Talking of fuel economy, BMW India will debut start-stop in the 2013 X1. Together with the brake energy regeneration system, the start-stop unit on the BMW X1 will conserve fuel on both the petrol and turbo diesel engined variants of the 2013 X1. The entry level variant of the BMW X1 sold in India is expected to be offered with petrol power, with the 2 Liter naturally aspirated petrol motor being in the thick of things. Not exactly the briskest performer, the petrol engined X1 is primarily for folks who want a petrol powered crossover due to their relatively lower monthly running.

The facelifted BMW X1 crossover comes at a time when Audi India is nipping at BMW India’s heels in terms of sales leadership in the Indian luxury car segment. Audi’s Q3 crossover is a mega hit for the Volkswagen group owned luxury car maker and BMW India will be pegging its hopes on the facelifted 2013 X1 to pull things back for the brand. In the next couple of months, the entry level luxury crossover segment in India will see a brand new entrant in the form of the Volvo V40 Cross Country. So, the action sure seems to be hotting up.

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