2013 Fiat 500X Crossover revealed in a promotional video

It is of common information that Fiat has been working on a crossover based on the Grande Punto platform. However, instead of being positioned above the Punto, the crossover will join the Fiat 500 range, as the 500X model. The 2013 Fiat 500X Crossover is the Italian automaker’s answer to the Mini Countryman and will be pitted directly against the Mini in markets across the world. The Fiat 500X is expected to make its debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, with a launch to happen sometime in 2013. Like the 500L hatchback, the 500X crossover is also expect to share its engine range with the Punto.

2013 Fiat 500X Crossover

2013 Fiat 500X Crossover

At 4.2 meters, the 2013 Fiat 500X is expected to be the biggest car ever in the Fiat 500 range. The petrol engines are expected to be the 0.9 Liter TwinAir turbo petrol unit with the other option being the 1.4 Liter turbo petrol engine. The diesel engine will be the MultiJet2 unit available in many states of tune. The Fiat 500X will come with an all wheel drive system, justifying its crossover credentials. From the video that showcases the profile of the upcoming 2013 Fiat 500X, it is evident that the car looks distinctly like a crossover, while managing to retain a relatively small footprint.

However, the styling of the crossover clearly reveals that the 500’s styling elements have been carried over to the 500X, right from the bug eye headlamps to the front grille design. Also, the space available on the inside will be quite high compared to the smaller cabins of the 500 and the 500L hatchbacks. So, the 500X is expected to sit right at the top of the Fiat 500 range, as a top-of-the-line model. The production of the 500X is expected to begin in the December of 2013. That said, the launch is anticipated to happen a few months earlier, when pre-orders are also expected to be taken.

With the number of compact crossovers from varying car makers across the world increasing at a rapid clip, the arrival of the Fiat 500X marks the Italian automakers entry into this exciting new segment of cars. While Fiat does sells the 500 hatchback as a brand builder, in the Indian market, it remains to be seen whether the 5 seater 500X will also be sold in India. Talking of which, the Fiat 500X will be a good fit if Fiat positions it as an five seater crossover to challenge the likes of the Renault Duster and the Ford EcoSport. For that to happen though, the Fiat 500X Crossover will have to be built in India. What say, Fiat India?

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