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2014 Honda Jazz revealed



After a series of leaked images, next gen 2014 Honda Jazz has been officially revealed. Honda has taken its own sweet time to give the car a thorough revamp in styling and performance. The car will be coming to India with the new 1.5 lt. diesel engine and a 1.2 lt. petrol engine option sometime in 2014.

2014 Honda Jazz front

2014 Honda Jazz front

Shown by the company, is also a new 1.5 lt. atkinson cycle engine equipped with the SPORT HYBRID Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive (i-DCD). This system consists of a 7-speed DCT transmission with a built-in high-output motor, and IPU (intelligent power unit) equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery. All this electronic wizardry is said to be 35% more efficient than company’s IMA technology. Honda claims, this results in the 2014 Jazz returning a fuel consumption figure of 36.4 kmpl.

Honda has already learnt it the hard way how demanding us Indians are, they are better off keeping this technology out of its Indian offering to keep the costs down. Indian Jazz can be expected to have a 1.5lt. diesel and a 1.2 lt. petrol engine from the Amaze. The front of the car reminds us of Honda’s civic hatch with it sleek headlamps and grille. The raising belt line gives the car a typical Honda dynamic stance.

2014 Honda Jazz interiors

2014 Honda Jazz interiors

Interiors will no doubt, be class leading, as Hondas are known to provide ample amount of space for its passengers. The dash gets no frills minimalist design that Hondas are know to have. Center console includes a large information display along-with entertainment center. The instrument cluster is occupied by a large central speedometer dial with auxiliary displays on both sides of it.

In order to not repeat the same loss making story that Honda had with the earlier Jazz, the car will be well under the 4m mark to exploit excise duty benefit and keep the costs down. Since this Jazz shares its platform with the next gen city, there will be a lot of part sharing happening locally also to keep the costs down. The car will be on display at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo alongside the Brio MPV and the next gen City.

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