2014 Volkswagen e-UP electric hatchback: This is it

Volkswagen has revealed the production version of the electric powered Up! hatchback in the form of the e-Up. The e-Up is an all electric variant of the Up! hatchback, a car that’s the entry level car in the German car maker’s range. The 2014 Volkswagen e-Up will make its global debut later this year, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The e-Up electric hatchback is a four seater, similar to the petrol variants of the car. The Volkswagen e-Up will go on sale in Europe by the end of this year. The e-Up will  be the least priced electric car in Volkswagen’s portfolio.

2014 Volkswagen e-UP Electric Hatchback

2014 Volkswagen e-UP Electric Hatchback Front 3 Quarters

Aimed mainly at city car buyers, the Volkswagen e-Up uses an electric motor for propulsion. The electric motor uses lithium ion battery to produce 82 PS of peak power. On a continuous basis, the electric motor will deliver a power of 55 PS. Peak torque though, is quite impressive at 210 Nm and all this torque is available right off idle given that it’s an electric car we’re talking about here. The Volkswagen e-Up has a top speed of 135 Kph with the 0-100 Kph sprint coming up in a very respectable, for an electric car, 14 seconds.

The e-Up comes with a range of 150 kilometers per charge of its lithium ion battery stock. The e-Up can be charged at both AC and DC electric sockets with the charging connector housed in the place where a conventional fuel filler cap would reside. The e-Up also comes with a quick charge option through which the electric car’s batteries can be charged to 80% of their capacity in just 30 minutes. So, you do get a 120 kilometer range with a 30 minute charge and this should take care of most city car buyers’ needs.

The e-Up uses a CVT automatic gearbox which means that it’s a point and shoot car, ideal for city conditions. On the outside, the Volkswagen e-Up shows a few changes as compared to its petrol sibling in that it comes with new front and rear bumpers. The e-Up also gets day time running lamps and optimized aerodynamics to maximize range. The aerodynamic improvements are also found on the underbody and the side skirts of the car. The e-Up logo resides on the hatch lid of the car.

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