Are you the Lada Granta based Datsun low cost sedan headed to Russia?

Here are a bunch of patent images of what possibly is the Datsun’s low cost sedan headed to Russia. Based on the Lada Granta sedan, the Datsun model gets a few changes when compared to the Granta. The front end of the Datsun sedan features the family face that all Datsun cars are expected to come with. Also, the C-Pillar design of the Datsun sedan is another item that differs from that of the Granta. These noticeable changes apart, the Datsun low cost sedan has taken off pretty much from where the Granta ended. to our eyes, the Datsun sedan’s form factor seems reminiscent of the Nissan Sunny sedan from certain angles.

2014 Datsun Low Cost Sedan Patent Drawing

2014 Datsun Low Cost Sedan Patent Drawing

On the inside, expect plenty to stripping down to keep costs low. That said, Nissan’s top bosses have emphasized that the idea of low cost doesn’t necessarily mean bare bones. So, expect a modicum of features and creature comforts on cars bearing the Datsun badge on the bonnet. The low cost Datsun sedan will debut in Russia during 2014 and will be built in that country with a high level of localization in order to drive down costs. While Russia is a confirmed model for the Datsun low cost sedan, it remains to be seen if Nissan, the owner of the Datsun brand, will begin selling this low cost sedan in other emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Asia.

Under the hood, the Datsun sedan is expected to feature a 1.6 liter petrol engine for the Russian car market. Diesel options remain unconfirmed for now. Apart from the low cost sedan, Datsun will launch two hatchbacks in 2014. The first of these hatchbacks will be unveiled by the middle of this year in India. Dubbed the K2 and based on the previous generation version of the Micra, the first hatchback will be sold in India from 2014. Another hatchback codenamed the i2 will make its Indian debut in 2014.

Indonesia is another market where a low cost Datsun hatchback will be launched in 2014. We’re hinging on the K2 hatchback to make it to the Indonesian car market. Both the Datsun hatchbacks to be sold in India are expected to be petrol powered. The K2 hatchback will be slotted under the Nissan Micra in terms of price and positioning while the i2 will sit under the K2. The K2 hatchback is expected to come with a price tag between INR 3-4 lakhs while the i2 hatchback is expected to be priced between INR 2-3 lakhs.

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