Audi CarLife-Advance now available in India for the A4, A6 and Q5 car models

While its Teutonic rivals BMW and Mercedes Benz have started offering their cars on lase in India, Audi is yet to warm up to the idea. The Volkswagen group owned German luxury car brand feels that the car leasing concept is yet to catch up in India and is hence offering an alternate to this concept which will give the Audi buyers in the country a few benefit of leasing even as they own the cars instead of being lessees. Essentially, the Audi CarLife-Advance package is a gamut of financial packages that make the ownership of an Audi car as seamless as possible.

2013 Audi A4 Sedan

2012 Audi A4 Sedan

This offer is open to three of Audi’s best selling models, the A4 sedan, the A6 sedan and the Q6 crossover. The CarLife-Advance plan is a fully integrated product that combines car financing, a service plan, insurance and extended warranty. Through this plan, a customer buying an Audi on a financing option, will be able to cover all of the above with equated monthly installments(EMI). So, getting the car serviced regularly is expected to be easy on the pocket with the owner not having to pay anything extra as all the costs will be covered in the EMI.

Audi A6 front 3 quarter

2012 Audi A6 front 3 quarters

The extended warranty will ensure that most repairs arising during the period after the normal warranty period will also be covered by Audi, without expense to the customer. In a nutshell, Audi’s aim is to give the car buyer something on the lines of what a leasing plan would give, but while ensuring that the car buyer is the actual owner of the car. So, this move by Audi aims to bridge the gap between leasing and owning a car. So, it would be quite interesting to see how Audi India’s strategy works in the real world. If it is indeed successful, then Mercedes Benz and BMW could also offer similar packages.

2013 Audi Q5 Crossover

Facelifted 2013 Audi Q5 Crossover

Audi is aiming to take leadership of the Indian car market with the brand muscling past the incumbent leader BMW, in the first three months of the year. Going forward, Audi plans to give BMW a tough fight at the hustings by launching a range of high volume products in the Indian car market. The immediate launch that will happen in the next few weeks is the Audi Q3 crossover, that will be the brand’s entry level luxury crossover, aimed at delivering big volumes. BMW too will respond with the all new F30 3 Series sedan and in the coming months, competition will get quite intense.

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