Hybrid tech for the masses: KPIT Cummins-Bharat Forge ReVoLo Hybrid Kit

Hybrid Car Technology

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Alright, you like the colors green and blue more than any other colors because you happen to care for the big blue planet like we all ought to be doing. While you do your best to make our dear planet get greener by little things like replacing plastic carry bags with ones made from jute, cotton or recycled, you always feel guilty for not taking the bus instead of your small car to office.

But what can you do, the Honda Civic Hybrid is so expensive and don’t even think about the Toyota Prius Hybrid, one of which can buy you a decent 2BHK somewhere in the outskirts. You’re other option is the Reva EV, but then what happens when you need to get out of town? All hope wasn’t lost until General Motors’ Spark Electric too was put on the back burner recently. Now, you’re simply too tired to bother looking for affordable hybrids as you simple think that one such example can be bought maybe only by your kids, when they grow up, right? Wrong!

All this could change, change, in the very near future. Bharat Forge, which first shot into limelight after it became the world’s largest forging company, oh yeah, we’re the world leaders in this baby, has entered into a joint venture with KPIT Cummins to come up with a revolutionary plug and play hybrid kit that can convert your existing car into a hybrid. Called the ReVoLo, this hybrid kit has been developed and engineered by KPIT Cummins and will be manufactured in house by Bharat Forge, and will be sold and serviced by them too. What this kit will do is, it will supplement your existing Internal Combustion engined car with a electric motor.

This will help you improve fuel efficiency by a whopping 40% as well as reduce green house gases by 30%. Along with all this thrift, when you’re in the mood to go faster, you can do just that as the electric motor in power mode will supplement your engine’s power. To put it in layman terms, the kit is basically like the after market LPG kits that you can use in your car, but with the crucial difference being that the ReVoLo uses an electric motor in conjunction with your IC engine. Stick around for more on the revolutionary ReVoLo plug and play hybrid kit.


Announced: New Hybrid Technology Solution’ for Automobiles

Unveiled: ‘REVOLO’ – A Smart and Sustainable Solution that Redefines Mileage Standards

Bharat Forge Ltd., the flagship company of the USD 2.4 billion Kalyani Group and a leading global supplier of forged and machined components and KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd., a leading product engineering & IT
consulting partner to automotive and manufacturing companies today announced their decision to form a joint venture to manufacture and market an indigenously developed hybrid technology solution for automobiles – REVOLO, that will enable both existing and new vehicles to dramatically increase fuel
efficiency and engine performance, while significantly decreasing green house gas (GHG) emissions.

The technology for this intelligent plug-in, parallel, full-hybrid solution has been designed and engineered by KPIT Cummins, while the solution for automobiles would be manufactured through a joint venture (JV)
between Bharat Forge Limited and KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited. As part of the joint
venture, KPIT Cummins will license the technology to the JV while Bharat Forge would bring in its manufacturing, assembly & integration expertise to the JV. The solution will be marketed to OEMs and fleet & individual vehicle owners through a network of certified and authorized dealerships.

‘REVOLO’ is an indigenous & innovative solution that has been conceptualized, developed and frugally engineered in India. The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), which tested the new hybrid solution (REVOLO), confirmed fuel efficiency gains of more than 40%. Under city driving conditions the increase in efficiency has been above 60% and reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) has been more than 30%.

Ravi Pandit, Chairman and Group CEO, KPIT Cummins, said, “This new plug-in, parallel, hybrid solution represents the new standard of value that frugal engineering can deliver to both auto manufacturers and vehicle owners around the world. This pioneering innovation will allow automakers to introduce vehicles with improved mileage, better performance and significantly reduced carbon emissions.

It will also benefit the Indian automotive aftermarket, as the service stations will now be able to offer their customers an opportunity to convert conventional vehicles into eco-friendly hybrids. Finally, it will give
vehicle owners the option of upgrading their vehicles to a higher level of fuel efficiency and performance, without the expense of having to buy a new one. We are happy to be working with Bharat Forge, which is a highly regarded automotive component manufacturer to bring this flexible, intelligent and efficient solution to the masses.”

Baba Kalyani, Chairman & Managing Director, Bharat Forge, said, “Bharat Forge has been partnering with the global mobility industry to make it more efficient, competitive, sustainable and environmentally benign. We are delighted to join hands with KPIT Cummins in this path breaking initiative which promises to bring a paradigm change in India’s fossil fuel consumption and in helping the nation significantly meet its environmental commitments. We believe this indigenous solution would offer vehicle owners the best of both worlds – the ability to go green while achieving greater performance”, he added.

As a parallel hybrid, this solution will enable the motor and engine to work simultaneously. Unlike an electric vehicle, the vehicle will operate as a conventional fuel vehicle even if the batteries are completely drained. As a plug-in, the vehicle can be charged through a standard external electricity source such as a domestic power outlet.

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