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BMW could be working on a more powerful version of the triple turbo six cylinder diesel engine


The F10 BMW M550d 5-Series M-badged sedan raised the bar in performance to an all new level, more so for a diesel engined car. The heart of the matter in the BMW M550d sedan is the 3 liter, inline six triple turbo diesel engine, a power packed unit that is good for 381 Bhp of peak power and 740 Nm of peak torque. Apparently, performance enthusiasts bitten by the high performance diesel bug are yearning for even more power and torque from this motor. So, BMW, it seems, is working on a more powerful state of tune for the 3 Liter Tri-Turbo diesel engine.

BMW 3 Liter-6 Cylinder Tri-Turbo Diesel Engine

BMW 3 Liter-6 Cylinder Tri-Turbo Diesel Engine

The more powerful version of the Tri-Turbo 3 Liter diesel engine is expected to output 420 Bhp of peak power while the peak torque figure remains unknown at this point in time. Expect the torque to also go up by a bit as BMW seeks to extract more power from this highly strung oil burner. The more powerful version of the Tri-Turbo engine is expected to be used in the faelifted F10 LCI models of the 5-Series, which are expected to make their debut sometime in 2013. The tri-turbo diesel engine’s older current of tune could continue to be used on cars like the 7-Series and the high performance M-badged versions of the BMW X5 and X6.

The main motivation for BMW developing a higher state of tune for the tri-turbo diesel engine is said to come from the higher weight that the all wheel drive models of the new F10 5-Series models come with. Given that the buyers of high performance  luxury cars are demanding better performance each passing year, car makers have been constantly pushing the envelope to deliver cars that are getting faster than ever before. BMW and Audi has been pioneers in high performance turbo diesel engines and the former’s tri-turbo 3 liter unit represents the pinnacle in the German luxury car giant’s turbo diesel engine line up. With BMW making the first move in the high performance diesel sportscar space, expect other luxury car makers to follow suit.

BMW M550d Badging

BMW M550d Badging

For instance, Audi is betting on the the 3 Liter BiTurbo diesel engine that it will use on its own range of high performance sedans. This engine is expected to power a range of Audi cars, beginning with the A4, going all the way up to the Q7.  With an eye on the future, the Volkswagen group owned German luxury car maker is also said to be contemplating a diesel powered R8 supercar. Mercedes Benz’s high performance arm, AMG, however has made it clear that it will stick to petrol power when it comes to its sportscar range. All said, expect more high performance diesel engined cars in the future as BMW and Audi seem to be very bullish about diesel power.

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