Brazil spec 2013 Fiat Grande Punto hatchback gets the tech laden Dualogic semi-automatic gearbox

Back in 2010 at that year’s Indian Auto Expo, Fiat India showcased a Linea equipped with its brand new semi-automatic Dualogic gearbox. While the Linea Dualogic never made it to the production line in India, the Brazilian car market gets the second generation version of the Dualogic semi-automatic gearbox making its way onto the Grande Punto. Apart from the Dualogic gearbox, the Brazil-spec 2013 Grande Punto also gets a facelift. That said, the facelifted Punto is expected to be launched in India only in 2014. Whether India will get a Dualogic gearbox equipped Punto is something that remains to be seen.

2013 Fiat Grande Punto Hatchback Facelift

2013 Fiat Grande Punto Hatchback Facelift Front

Now, if you’re wondering what a Semi-Automatic transmission is, click here to read our overview of semi-automatic transmissions and why they’re a fine alternate to full automatic transmissions. The Dualogic semi-automatic transmission used on the 2013 Grande Punto is the second generation version. In its second generation, the Dualogic gearbox gets improvements in the form of a crawl mode which is particularly useful in stop and go traffic. The Dualogic semi-automatic transmission also gets a gradient sensors that senses uphill gradients to accordingly increase the rpm of the engine for better performance on inclines.

 The Fiat Grande Punto that gets the Dualogic semi-automatic gearbox is powered by a 1.8 Liter petrol engine that is naturally aspirated. This motor can run on the ethanol-petrol mix that is sold in Brazil and produces a peak power output of 132 Bhp. In Brazil, almost all the cars sold come with petrol engines given the fact that the country doesn’t encourage diesel powered cars. In India though, the 2013 Punto facelift will arrive with a 1.3 Liter Multijet turbo diesel engine, as diesel power is what sells in the Indian car market. Currently, the Grande Punto is Fiat India’s best selling car.

That said, the sales of this hatchback is nothing to write home about as Fiat a small number of cars in India, when compared to its more prolific selling competition. Fiat India is currently expanding its independent dealership and after sales service outlet chain in the country. The Italian car maker is also expected to launch the next generation Linea sedan in 2014. Fiat will launch the Jeep brand of SUVs in India by the end of this year. New compact SUVs from Jeep, targeting the mass market, are expected to be launched in 2014 and beyond.

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