Clap-Clap! BMW won’t ditch the rear wheel drive layout for its M-performance car models

The sublime handling that BMW cars deliver with their connected steering systems and rear wheel drive layouts is stuff that every car nut worth their salt must experience atleast once in their lifetimes. So, when BMW’s M-Performance division boss, Mr Friedrich Nitschke, says that BMW will stick to the rear wheel drive layout on all its future M-Performance cars, we’re pretty pleased. So, M-badged BMW of the future will continue to be rear wheel driven although the German luxury car maker is all set to launch a slew of front wheel driven cars in the coming years.

2013 F10 BMW M550d Diesel Sedan

2013 F10 BMW M550d High Performance Diesel Sedan

 The front wheel driven cars in BMW’s future range will use the Mini platform but will be restricted to entry level car models that will rival the likes of Mercedes Benz’s MFA based cars and Audi’s MQB range. Both Mercedes Benz and Audi have taken to the all wheel drive route for their high performance cars badged under the AMG and RS franchises. So, BMW seems to be the only high performance car maker among the Teuton trio to hold out and stick to the rear wheel drive layout. This approach from BMW is similar to one taken by Mercedes Benz a while ago.

A year ago, Mercedes Benz AMG top boss noted that the high performance car giant will not produce diesel powered high performance cars. Audi and BMW, on the other hand have hopped on to the high performance turbo diesel engine brigade in a big way. While Audi has high performance cars like the SQ5 crossover outfitted with the 3 Liter BiTurbo diesel engine, BMW has M-badged cars like the X5, X6 and 5-Series sedan outfitted with the 3 liter triple turbo diesel engine. So, there appears to be a divergence in the approach of the Teuton trio for their high performance cars. All said, this divergence could actually a good thing as the car buyer will have an easier time making a choice.


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