Diesel powered Chevrolet Sail hatchback and sedan recalled in India



The Chevrolet Sail hatchback and sedan are  China’s hot selling car models, mainly for their practicality and affordability. In India, they’re just having average runs and to add to General Motors’ woes, the diesel powered models of the Sail hatchback and sedan have been recalled. This recall is the result of the production stoppage that GM India carried out in early June due to quality issues in the 1.3 liter turbo diesel engine.

2013 Chevrolet Sail front quarter view

2013 Chevrolet Sail front quarter view

The halt in production meant that the Sail diesel twins were pulled out of showrooms since then. Finally, GM India has now managed to get production kick started. The start of production means that the Sail diesel hatchback and sedan will finally be available to car buyers. 4,000 units of the diesel powered Chevrolet Sail sedans and hatchbacks that are already on Indian roads have been recalled to fix the so-called quality issues in the engine.

GM India has not confirmed what exactly is wrong with the engine. While we try to find that out for you, if you own or know someone who owns a Sail U-VA diesel or a Sail sedan diesel, urge them to contact their dealers or General Motors directly to know whether their cars are covered by the recall. GM for its part, will also contact car owners directly to ask them to bring their cars in for issuing the fixes.

2013 Chevrolet Sail side profile

2013 Chevrolet Sail side profile

General Motors India has just been caught with its pants down fudging emission performance of the Tavera BS-3 and BS-4 models. Recalls of the Tavera are yet to be approved by the government authorities in India, who are investigating the emission performance fudging. With the Sail diesel models now facing an issue, General Motors’ image will definitely take a beating. Will it result in lower sales? We’ll find that out in the next year or so.

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